What is your attitude towards money?

How you see your one hundred bucks in a pocket? Does it make you feel certain way? Or do you treat money like a tool?

Actually money’s main purpose wasn’t to carry emotions.

Nowadays many people treat money like a illusory object, which should be praised god-like, while our ancestors never thought about doing so. When few wise guys (many, many years ago) made first coin – they thought about it as a tool. Tool to cover their primitive transactions and maybe store value. Over time it got very political, every country had it own coins named nobly – people started to be accounted by them. Then, something strange happened and few guys started to treat their coins like a god-like objects. Without delving into religious subjects, gold and coins started to be goals in life. People forgot what was the main purpose of it. Purpose to pay for few fishes on the market.

When money starts to be a goal, then you probably have a problem.

Desire of a Bentley under your house, big pool or ten supermodels in your bed isn’t something bad (maybe except polygamy). Because those are goals, they make your life better, your face looking happier. But goal to possess enormous amounts of money without buying anything can be worrying. Then, you forget what was the main purpose of money from point 1. Then, you start to exchange your relations for bigger sums on accounts. Because setting money as the key value and main purpose of life doesn’t leave any space for relations. That is why stingy and greedy people are forever alone. Those people simply didn’t want to spend five bucks on a flower.

We tend to value money more than assets.

Every guy after economic college will tell you that keeping dollars lying on your account is stupidity, because yearly it only loses its value. If you are afraid of war, catastrophe or meteorite falling on your house, it will be better to spread this money into various assets and keep it working, than to keep it in one form and in one place. Keeping all your savings on one account can end up like in 2007, when banks went bankrupt. Then your money simply disappears, but those who used this money to buy different assets – barely feel any crisis.

Keeping money under your pillow doesn’t give you any profit, yet it makes you less rich every year. Such wealth is useless if it doesn’t work for you. At least in form of few stocks or real estate.


You always have to give something to get something.

Stop being stingy if you are. When you show people around that you have some money but don’t like to spend it – people won’t make you any gifts, nor buy you even a cheeseburger. However, if you make a relatively small gift to a wealthy friend, his gift can make you five times more wealthy. Because emotional value of 100$ for you, doesn’t have to be as strong, as for a guy who has ten millions. And the more wealthy people are, the more they don’t like stingy people. Second thing is greed. When I smell (even for a second) a greedy guy, he gets kicked out of the party ASAP.

Treat money like a tool, look at it like on a screwdriver.

And remember that keeping 100 screwdrivers under a pillow qualifies you for psychiatric tests.