Getting rid of responsibility, and other sports

Being good looking with lots of money won’t make you beloved person among society if you are blaming everyone around and passing responsibility on them.

It’s easier to say you than I.

If I can blame others for my own failures why then I shouldn’t do that?

Whole fun starts at let’s say, age of four. Age, when you start to see that some people can do some tasks amazingly wrong. Like your father on a beach trying to make a sand monument. Or during group work in one of the first classes, when your friend Jim failed to write correctly a single word. Then, you started to use one of the following strategies: to fail and repair your mistakes, or to fail and say that others failed, basically – get rid of any responsibility. While we were young, our decisions had mere impact on the world around. Now we grew up, so we can devastate bigger things with them.

It’s easier to live with people who deliver the goods.

Personally, I value people who do what they promised. People, who take responsibility for their actions. Basically in every field of life. Such sort of people is really easy-going, because they simply do, what they said. Unfortunately, such people are not a majority. World is also inhabited by people who treat their own words like crap, throwing fifteen thousand promises around, and end up doing nothing. Those usually promise much without any plan to complete it and finally end up saying that “something” (but not them) failed. This kind of attitude makes those completely useless in means of social cooperation, because anything they did wrong – it was not their fault. It consumes great mental resources to deal with it, and my time is far more precious.

Getting rid of responsibility is far more popular when you’re making money.

Everyday use of abandoning any responsibility, is far less popular, than at work. When your to be, or not to be depends on your performance – you will definitely try to get rid of any failure. Between co-workers it is really exhausting to co-exist with people who “don’t make any mistakes”, but try to understand the manager’s point of view: what he has to do to motivate this guy, who says that every failure is because of external issues. Arguing with him doesn’t make any sense. Punishing for low performance will only get you sued for mobbing. Maybe getting rid of such people?

That is the point when you can actually realize, that anyone who doesn’t like being responsible for his life, is useless to other people. No one will listen to his artificial problems voluntarily, without any profit. Neither people do want to give them their energy. After certain (usually short) period of time, such people are isolated from groups, then expelled from the friends circle. Because no one was interested in listening them, that whole world is against them, and they made absolutely nothing to change it.

Lack of responsibility can also indicate weak mind.

Because lack of any interest in control of your life is not only socially not accepted, also it can show others, than your life doesn’t belong to you. That by running from any failure, they want to separate from real world. Eventually, they are mentally too weak to do what they want. And as Dwight D. Eisenhower said:

“Only strength can cooperate. Weakness can only beg.”

Those, who did not wanted to deliver the goods today, will perform worse than responsible ones.