higher education

Why do we – the young generation – need higher education

When amount of people who are finishing colleges is constantly growing, people start to wonder do we all really need higher education. Yes we do. Those who have high ambitions – should have a diploma.

50 years ago you could finish only technical school and have a job for life.

Back in time, when our parents and grandparents were young, plan for a life was quite simple: you are born, you learn how to read, learn few skills to work – and you start a simple, beautiful life. Those who wanted basic job – could work in it for decades. Those who wanted to go higher in society – could pursue their dreams. But our times are different, and we will need a different set of skills to live. Nowadays it is becoming more rare and rare to have a job for more than 10 years. Majority of people behaves like grasshoppers in their jobs, changing place every year. It provides a lot of entertainment and experience, but has its disadvantages.

We demand from ourselves to be the king of the world.

While previous generations wanted to have a peaceful and happy life, we are looking for something bigger. Basically, in every field. We want to have the best job. We want Maserati next to our door. Young people crave success at any price. It has its advantages, but also it possesses great risk to your future. Almost all of us, have an unstoppable craving of achievement. One wants to be an known artist. Second one wants a big business. However, while it’s greatly motivating and acts as a source of determination, at the same time leads to one-way, often wrong decisions.

Ask yourself a question:

What will you do, if your plan fails?

If you are planning to be a serious businessman, and your plan fails, then:

  • You have a diploma, and you go to do amazingly boring work for two and half thousand dollars per month,
  • You don’t have a diploma, so you work as a pizza delivery guy, fifteen hours a day only to have something to eat.

While work in a office is a eight hours of mental tortures for most people, working for minimum wage, only to have a place to sleep is more difficult. I don’t say that you have to en up in a office, but what you will write in your resume after failing to manage a startup? Certified startup failer?

Even if you think you don’t need a diploma, it’s still a backup parachute.

Imagine yourself falling from a airplane. Your dream career is a plane flying somewhere below you. If you catch it while falling – you are set. But what if you fall directly down? I wish you everything best. Really. But no one is going to give you a guarantee, that your brave plan to conquer the world won’t fail. That your career of a actor won’t break in half. That your dream to be the fastest sprinter will work out. Having only plan A was good for kamikaze pilots, but you need something more, just in case.

Like higher education.

Get a higher education, it will pay in future.

Any course you can finish – do it. Finish something, at least. Even if it is not the best field – have a security parachute. Don’t be a fool in the future, tricked into the “I can achieve everything” mentality. There are situations in life which will show you the truth about education.