listen what they say

You either say what they want to hear or you get out

Being wise and intelligent doesn’t guarantee you anything when talking with others. Possesion of the best interpersonal skills also can fail, if you are not delivering what people want. You can force them to listen what you say, but left alone – they won’t even think about you.

We like people who are similar to us. Who say what we would like to hear.

Even if you can tolerate people who are different, subconsciously you prefer those who agree with you. We naturally seek people similar to ourselves, and we want to spend time with them, listen to them and read what they have to say. When you say something wise, but people don’t agree with you – they won’t listen.

It applies whatever you are doing; from Instagram to marketing campaign. When I was a sales guy, manager always used to tell me: “you have to sell not what you like, but what they want to buy”. Trying my luck many times, I’ve never beaten that rule. Because whatever we are doing: business, writing, inventing – it’s all made for other people. If you are not a hypnotist, you can’t force them to like what you like. You can’t sell them things they don’t want to buy. Even companies with great marketing teams like Fiat failed to do that. Example is model Multipla. Nominated most ugly car of 2007.

Even if you have the most intelligent content, but without passion – I won’t check it out.

What I personally value is emotion closed in a article, song or anything you can express. Instead of plain information, I value emotions which you can deliver. Unless I want to build a space rocket, I value the general feeing more, than scientific accuracy. You can’t be serious all the time in your life and still have people around. Being absolutely serious and accurate burns people from inside, and makes them dull beings. I don’t want to become one.

This is what always attracted people to art and news – emotions those deliver. Do you think Beyoncé is famous because of her lyrics? And Kendrick Lamar only because of his message? Most of people who know him never experienced things he is rapping about. But the way he delivers it to you – this is the main factor of his fame.

Content is important, but it is not enough to attract people.

Right now we have around 8 billion people on this planet. How unique you can be, if so many people are around you? How big are chances that you’ve invented something what no one has ever seen? Frankly, unless you are the next Tesla – quite small. Nowadays, big part of society can learn same things as you. But we cannot change our temper and way of showing emotions. Our emotional load is the key factor to be unique and really impress anyone. Apple’s Mac is only a computer, but its sales are astronomic. What differs Apple from subordinate notebook manufacturer is emotional load they deliver. That crispy feeling you have every time you open it. It’s the thing which attracted you to it.


They deliver what people need, but they don’t deliver what people want.

Subordinate notebook manufacturer delivers what people need. Apple delivers what people want. They make the same product, but people see it completely different. Same applies to you, me, small company and a big rockstar. Guys who will deliver what people want to see will be on top. Those who deliver only base content are done.

Nowadays, more and more things will require you to attach emotions to in order to attract people.