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Why do we let poor people teach us about being rich?

Yesterday I was watching a webinar (sort of online seminar) with a guy trying to teach about real estate. Because I’ve worked as an real estate broker, I decided to listen to him. Title is absolutely not connected with it. Absolutely.

I would like to know what you achieved. First.

Twenty useless books ago, I believed in many quotes which will make me rich and bring happiness. I repeated them all the time and tried to convince people around about those truthfulness. But I had a problem with one, specific quote:

“Never let a poor guy teach you how to be rich.”

Great quote. Good message. Don’t you think? I also agree. This specific quote turned my whole set of other very valuable quotes from a “upbringing asset” into a problematic topic. Because set of all motivational quotes was composed of words of people who actually achieved nothing. Really, nothing. And they are teaching others how to achieve things they have never seen.

Problem of intelligent people is their imagination.

Imagining yourself as a king of the world is quite common among men. This is not a problem. Problem occurs when you see a situation (or you get information about it) and start to think that you have experience in that field. Before we go forward, learn one thing:

Possesion of information is not equal to experience. Reading a book about running won’t make you the fastest sprinter.

Intelligent people who saw other people performing management job, have a tendency to think that they can manage group of people. They were sitting next to manager who was giving his people orders, and they think that they know how to do it. No, they don’t. But this is how false teachers are made.

I saw this on TV. Let me teach you.

Among us is living a tribe of unique people. People who see and instantly know. People who are specialist in everything. Coaches. Motivational speakers. What is wrong with motivation? Nothing. What is wrong with making money? Nothing. But what is wrong with making money on false statements? Quite much. Generally, CV’s of majority of guys from motivation industry are blank. More blank than undergraduate student’s CV. More blank than undergraduate, never employed, living with parents student’s CV. And those people are teaching how to sell and manage organizations. Problem is, that the only thing they have sold is their own book.

Hey, do you want to learn how to sell services, or do you want to learn how to sell books?

Basically, there is a whole (still growing) layer of society, which is living in their own world, actively inviting you to join them.

Who showed you how to ride a bike?

It wasn’t a book. It wasn’t a leaflet. Big chances that it was your father or mother. Maybe an uncle. But – they previously knew how to do it, and they showed you how to ride it. Why you wouldn’t listen to a kid who tells how to ride a truck, but you listen to poor guy teaching people how to be rich? Why you don’t check his background? Because of such people we have walking databases of motivational quotes, who find a proper one for every occasion. Even if your car breaks, they will tell you that is because of too weak vision of your future. Guys, money is only a paper, not a transcendental dream and object of happiness.


“Don’t let a poor man tell you how to be rich.”