Maybe book a ticket and leave?

Stressed? Tired? Feeling dull? Maybe book a ticket and leave. Why it’s important to place yourself before your goals?

Give me a proof that 15 million dollars will set you free.

Many of us Almost everyone is waiting for something. For better times, for more money. Some wait to pay their debts. Others wait to retire. As a society we are constantly waiting for something to happen. Majority believes that money can solve their problems. And this is the main problem.

When I was 6 years old, I thought that my life will dramatically change in 5 years. When I was 16, I thought that turning into the adult at 18 will make me invulnerable. One day before I turned 21, I thought that my beard will be bigger than me. But in aspect of my own personality – absolutely nothing changed. Things and size of toys changed. My small red remote Corvette, turned into a full-size four door sedan. My two ten dollar bills turned into five bank accounts. However, my perception of the world around me didn’t change. And I still have two hands.

If you have a problem, big chances that it is in you. Not in the society.

When you feel overwhelmed by your job – change your job. Because your work won’t change you. Turning 18 will make you an adult in Europe. But it won’t make you automatically mature. My main purpose is to tell you that if you don’t change your life today – you won’t do it until your last day of life. And if you feel that the direction of your life is wrong – just book a ticket and leave. For how long?

After travelling constantly for three weeks I’ve learned a lot.

Mainly about myself, that I can’t live this way everyday. That constant change of places (new city every two days), constant fast food (you can’t always cook), and everyday shock of new information is exhausting. I love travelling, but my maximum is two weeks. Don’t you even try to tell me that there are people who live this way everyday – because they are born to do it.

Recently, I was wondering what am I exactly doing in my life; does my current life meet my expectations. Before I even started to answer this question, I’ve remembered one, absolutely crucial thing: that I wanted to sit in this certain country, to live here for few years, and to do what I have to do. That X time ago I decided to go to X college and to do X – to have money. So, I simply can’t have pretensions to myself. Or maybe I can?


I think that you should revise what you thought half a year ago, and leave some ideas alone.

Life is too short to summarize it every five years. We are not countries with governments to make decisions for years. We have a life to live and to do something interesting in the meantime. It means that goals which were valid two years ago, doesn’t have to be useful anymore. When I was 15, I wanted a supercomputer to play games. If I don’t play those anymore, does it mean that I still have to buy it? Or maybe it means that your dream job from five years ago is now an outdated dream?

Remember that some courage to leave something you don’t like – won’t be a loss. It will be a profit.

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