Doing something good is not an easy process

While Facebook main wall is displaying lines about motivation and easy living, I have quite different point of view. That actually doing anything and completing it in a really good – is not an easy task.

I would really love to find a universal solution to everything.

When your friend tells you that completing a big project is only a matter of planning – tell him to go get a life. Theoretically, life is beautiful and everything is easy. Practically, everything is easy, but always something has to fuck up. Recently I’ve started a big project to launch a management system. Everything was well planned, components of the plan were well chosen.

But something failed.

The ability to predict future.

I forgot about the Murphy’s law: “if a thing can fail – it will.” It’s far from being negative, anti motivational blablabla talking. It’s truth based on experience. That anything a human being is doing, then the human being has to keep in mind this law. That if it is going too easy – something is wrong.

There is a quote about fools. Maybe we can use it to do something good.

“Always look for the fool in the deal. If you don’t find one, it’s you.” – Mark Cuban

It’s a good one. But it is made for the deals, not completing tasks.Wrong. It applies absolutely amazingly also for tasks. Method is simple: look what can fail. If everything is looking absolutely great – expect something to fail in near future, like next hour. Because if you are managing a bigger project, and you don’t see any trouble – your project is either small and well pumped – in means or PR, or you don’t see the mistakes. And remember, getting rid of mistakes in the final phase is far more expensive than in planning.

You’ve better prepared a fire extinguisher.

Jim was a wise guy and his task was to supervise construction of the bridge. He planned everything, wrote details in excel. And he did it over two months after deadline. Why?

We have too many wise people around.Too many people who know what to do. And we lack those, who know how to extinguish a burning situation. Rarely everything what you’ve ordered will be delivered on time. People also fail. There are also obstacles we can’t forecast and control. And the bigger project you have to do, the more things won’t work. Going 10 feet is not difficult. But going on feet through America can surprise you. Ability to take control in tough, unpredictable situations is far more useful than a good plan. Because when everything around is burning, then the paper plan will only feed the fire.


Doing things properly is not only a matter of knowledge.

Also experience, your elasticity and cold blood are required. Even the brightest mind will fail without determination. Usually the successful project consists in 90 percent of boring, absolutely useless work, 5 percent of luck and 5 percent of decoration. Few years ago I didn’t believe in luck. Nowadays, mainly because of luck my life is in one piece.