the point

What is the point of the point

I was supposed to write about absolutely different topic. But something caught my eye, and it was a news with a guy who wants to prove that earth is flat. By launching himself in the rocket. Absolutely amazing my friend, I think you will make it. So, what is the point of the point?

If you can prove that earth is flat, what then has a value?

I know a great movie. Really great movie. Idiocracy. It’s about absolutely nothing, and at the same time about everything. If a guy who wants to prove that our world is flat can get onto the first page of the news, what then we call value? I’m from a country, where Copernicus was born – guy who proved that earth is going around the sun, not the reverse. I feel personally insulted, that such guy with rocket can get onto the main page only because he is funny. What value he is delivering? Beside being funny and people making jokes about him – I think it’s poor.

Some 50 or 200 years ago it had to make any sense.

Back in time, everything what was passed onto people around had to have any value. And there is a question: do we became dumb, or this dumbness 200 years ago wasn’t written on paper? When watching TV shows I’m quite often wondering, if what I see is a presentation of current intellectual achievements or something far from it. And, I see a light in the tunnel. Probably, we shouldn’t really worry about our IQ’s, because we are the same. Case is, that the availability of the mass media is bigger. In effect, people who didn’t have access to it – now can present their views. You cannot filter everything, especially when the scale is constantly growing. That is why you can watch amazing movies like “Fails of the 2017” on YouTube.

If majority of people likes the content, what it can tell you?

Maybe that probably something is wrong? If a typical Joe (I’m sorry if you are Joe, don’t take it personally) is working whole day and then watching “Fail army” on YouTube, then his life could be endangered. I think that he can lack satisfaction in life. Or maybe we are wrong, if we force others to have a purpose in life?

Recently I’ve started to wonder, if telling people what they have to do has any sense. Because when you force your friend to believe what you believe, is then his life his, or his life is yours? What if people don’t need any purpose in life and they enjoy it everyday? Why “wise” people force us to have targets in life and simultaneously say carpe diem? What if the lazy Joe (Joe, sorry again) is really happy sitting on the couch?

Or maybe we have to have targets in life?


Once again, I encourage you to watch Idiocracy movie, it’s great. If the lazy Joe is happy everyday on the couch, and Bob the engineer will be happy only few times, when he ends the construction of the bridge – who will have a higher amount of happiness?

Back to the rocket guy. What was the point?

So, the rocket guy was supposed to launch himself in the rocket and he landed on the first page. Without any launch he landed on the first page. What is the point of current mass content? To inspire you? Come on, to entertain. And that’s it.