Building a brand without personality doesn’t make any sense

Every beginning businessman who is dreaming about his own corporation or world-widely recognized company, wonders how to name his business. When we are making our first brand/company we rarely focus on its personality. We miss whole spectrum of things which truly matter.

Basically, you don’t need an astonishing name.

Funny fact is, that business is being judged basing on its achievements, history and current offer, instead of lively name. Example: 3M – huge company, name is generic. Another one: Pacific Aero Products Co. – now – Boeing, another completely generic name. IBM – known world-widely, but almost half of people can’t say full name of it. Do you see, that astonishing name is not required to be successful? And what about Honda? You know it, but it is only last name of the owner. Before he made it a brand, it meant absolutely nothing. And it still would, but someone gave it a personality – something what you cannot buy.

But you need to give your brand a personality.

People usually don’t make relationships with objects. Usually we prefer human beings. Maybe sometimes dogs. But we don’t often talk to our cupboard. But, this cupboard is a metaphor of a brand without a personality. Even the most beautiful, the most polished and the most golden cupboard won’t substitute a human being. Even, if comparable human has only one teeth and doesn’t sin with beauty. We still prefer something, with what we can interact. Something what can offer any emotions. /Cupboard cannot offer those, even if it tries./

In fact, we will subconsciously prefer companies which have a personality.

If you want to separate your brand from yourself, maybe change the profession.

One important thing: I’m not talking about inter-national corporations, which are building brands with known sportsman and celebrities.

But about small brands which can be build by one guy. You cannot create a synthetic brand, stand one mile away and wait for the effects. You simply can’t. If you are not providing any possibility of emotional connection for your customer, he will find someone who does. Clearly technical question: which bakery would you choose: this one where owner doesn’t have any facial expression, his business is painted in gray color and he behaves like machine, or the second one with lively owner, happy colors and possibility to gossip? All normal people would choose the second guy. Because he is friendly. Because they feel good energy coming from him. No, because his bakery has a personality. And because he is offering emotions.


There is too many wise people on this world.

Great mathematic skills and analytic mind won’t give you a business of the millenia. Almost everyone who has few dollars can offer the best design, make the most expensively sounding company name and make the best website. But not everyone can attract people with his personality. Some are afraid, some simply can’t. But surely there is too many people, who think too much about themselves, and see things, which other people can’t. Like their greatness.

But the most important in this topic is a conclusion: conclusion, that building a brand without personality doesn’t make any sense. Because, if you are not giving a part of yourself to the business, then you are creating only a cold, mathematic calculation. And marketing is about emotions, not about counting profits on the corner. Advertisements are meant to affect your emotions, not your economic skills. Furthermore, building something what is going to look like one thousand other brands is a waste of time. If it lacks uniqueness, then it is going to drown in the abyss of the internet or the market.



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