Actually, I’ve never found a clone of myself

While we all perceive people around as more or less similar, I wonder how often you see a clone of yourself. How often do you feel that you fully fit some group of people?

I’ve never ever wondered, that I could be classified as a part of any group of people.

It’s said that we are similar to some groups of people. That we have traits of them, and that we behave like them. But rarely I hear people saying, that I clearly belong to any group. Back to days when I was a little guy running around the blocks with friends, I’ve always perceived myself and my friends as unique and original. We didn’t have any problem with classifying people and throwing labels, but we have never thought of ourselves, that someone exactly like us could live in this world.

Like a sheep in a herd, clone yourself.

Today such thought came to me; that actually I’ve never felt like a sheep in a herd. Never. Not even a while. I’ve never had problem with grouping people and assuming that they could be clones – like sales people. After working in this environment for few years, I can say that with a little experience – you can fully predict what they are going to say, and in what manner.

Tribal classification of society is still here, we have only better technology.

Such tribes as groups of clones exist among our population, and majority of us feel like a part of one of those. But, I’ve never felt like that. Look, when I ask you what telemarketing guy is going to say, when he calls you, you can accurately describe it. If you work as a one, you can say that you belong to them, and you love this role. But I couldn’t. Any job I’ve done, I’ve put my identity first, and then my job. When you would ask me five years ago or tomorrow who I am, I would say, that I’m Timothy. Not that I’m an real estate consultant. Even if I was one, still, my identity as myself was always first.

Place your identity first, and instead of being last, you will last.

People around sometimes try to bring us down. There is no better way to bring anyone down, than to insult his private life or profession. By telling a joke, which is pointed directly in certain group of people. But what happens when your identity is above all labels that society can offer? You don’t regard those as insults. You read them like: “Hey, he is telling jokes about office workers. Poor guys.”, even if you are one of them. I feel this way, and of course, I regard myself as a part of organizations and groups that I belong to, but I can psychologically distance myself from them. I don’t feel like a sheep in a herd; like everyone here is the same like clone army.


And even if I would try to feel like a brick in a wall, I couldn’t.

I’ve never had to force myself to think that I’m original. Furthermore, I’ve never regarded myself as a separate being in the society. And it has it effects: I’ve always had a problem with understanding, why people would march like cattle without a purpose, only because “it’s right”. I’ve never been able to understand such scheme of thinking that you have to fit a situation, because someone ordered to do so. For an western guy from USA or UK it is quite hard to understand, but in eastern countries such mentality still shows up.

Keep thinking and keep being independent. Maybe someday you will be a president.