think independently

Do you think independently enough?

Someone’s opinion of you doesn’t have to become your reality. Neither other people’s plan has to be your life. Independently thinking man knows that. But if you are not in charge of your mind, surely someone will fit your place.

Are your thoughts really yours?

Be honest to yourself: how do you know, that what you think is really yours? People rarely think, if what they are thinking about is coming from their inner self, or from other people. While half of us can be tough as hell and always go their way, second half is living other people’s life’s – surely no one can be free from any influence. Influence of relatives, peers, neighbors or even such obvious objects like TV. Everything and everyone who has an ability to communicate, is somehow projecting his point of view to us. Either in direct or indirect manner. Mostly, you are hueing your thoughts with emotions. And you don’t even notice it.

Insults, values and self-confidence show independence of your mind.

Being original or independently thinking, is not denying everything around, to prove that you are different. It is comparing of what you’ve heard with what you think. If you agree, then you proceed with listening. Insults, values and self-confidence are in fact connected. When insult of unknown guy makes you abandon, or change your plans, then it shows problem either in your values, or lack of self-confidence.

As Roosevelt said:

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

And that is why you feel insulted. Because, if you agree with someone’s insult, only then you can feel it emotionally. When friends joke about mere intelligence, and you feel bad, then you either are mere, or value someone’s opinion more than yours. Flag could a be metaphor of such personality – it adjusts itself to the direction of the wind.

What would happen to your mind on a lone island?

As above, what would happen to your attitude, values and behavior after two weeks on inhabited island? Would you change or stay the same? Personally, I doubt that anything what I though yesterday would be outdated. Oh, maybe that climbing trees is difficult when I have to run from snakes. Beside that – I would be the same guy, who believes in the same things. There is a problem when your character changes between people, and when you are alone. One of those characters is a mask. Usually the social one. Why we mask our emotions? Because of insults. Because of senseless shame. Even because of reasons we don’t understand.

What profit does it give you? Apparent security? Nothing?


Do you have to pretend? Or you can think independently?

What percentage of time among people you have to pretend? Five percent? Fifty? I understand that keeping mouth shut between cat lovers when you hate them is a good idea. But keeping your mouth shut or pretending to like current topic all the time – is a waste of life. Group of people who force you to think otherwise that you think, is either called your working environment, or toxic one. Could that be classified as thinking independently? What is the purpose of sitting between people who think the opposite of what you think?

Remember today: this should remain a joke, not be a statement:

I’d agree with you but then we’d both be wrong.

Have a good day!