Stop pursuing happiness, it is in front of you

While driving my car today, I’ve come to a thought about happiness. That actually we are not pursuing something what we don’t have. We had it for over a decade in our life. What am I talking about?

We are not pursuing something unknown, because we had it.

I’ve came to a thought that actually we were happy in our childhood. We didn’t have any serious problems, every day was absolutely amazing. Everything was so easy, so available. And what happened? Adulthood came? Actually, everyone was happy. Truly happy. Few days ago I’ve found a life advice and a quote:

“You are really happy when you don’t want to go to sleep, because your life is better than your dreams.”

How many times in last two years you had such moments? Few? Dozen? Zero? Actually, majority of our society has a mission to survive each day, instead of enjoying it. Skipping the details what can suck in your life – how much time per day you are dedicating to yourself? One hour? Two hours? If you have good time with your partner for two hours, and enjoying your account balance is two minutes, what life you have then? It is a ratio of 2 to 24 hours spend for yourself. It is equal to around 8% – quite poor for someone with such ambitions.

Why you would wait for a retirement? Don’t wait with happiness.

If anyone has a approach to life like: “I will work now, and enjoy it in 60 years”, what then he will be enjoying? He will enjoy being old, sick and tired? It is not a good way to live a happy life, and to do what you want to do. Maybe your kids will have enough money from your work, to put their plans to work, but you still need a part for yourself. You can’t spend your whole life waiting for happiness, and sacrificing everything you have.

But what if our happiness is in front of us? What if we eliminated it by own hands from our life? Happiness is not something what you can buy, neither you can steal it. You cannot manufacture it, nor pass onto other people. What if the happiness is a base state, not something you have to obtain as a additional feature? When we were kids, we know almost nothing, and yet – we were absolutely happy, even without knowing about it.


Why you care about things which annoy you?

Why would you concentrate on them? Do they give you any profit? Actually, our own life happiness can be killed by three factors:

  • constant state of being upset,
  • your self-made mess in life values,
  • care about little problems.

All those three are connected. Mess in life values makes you care about unimportant things. Care about little problems makes you upset. Life value like a fear of failure, forces you to avoid any loss. Even. if it means losing ten bucks in business, what will make you upset. Such stupid things can stop you from being happy. But you will probably still be talking about happiness. Looking for someone who can show it to you. Fortunately for you, you’ve never lost it. You just hide it from yourself.

Wisdom that a wise man attempts to impart always sounds like foolishness to someone else. ~ Herman Hesse

No one can learn you how to be happy, because you already have that skill. Think about times, when you cared only about what you are going to eat for a dinner. The more similar life to this state you will have, the happier you will be. Because even the best partner, biggest bank account and most clever mind – won’t give you happiness, if you spend majority of your day for other people’s problems.