proper way of dress

How to dress better than whole street

It’s not so obvious that whatever you put on, you will look good. Brand doesn’t guarantee anything, neither does logo. Good outfit is something beyond putting anything, or buying same serie of clothes. How to dress better than everyone in the room?

Whatever you like, make it look good.

Wearing suits or shirts from Italian cotton doesn’t guarantee you good look. Every outfit – including suits – can be effectively ruined by few rules:

  • too short/long pantlegs,
  • too loose/tight shirt or t-shirt,
  • colors which mix together,
  • unsuitable additions.

Optimal pants should touch your shoe, but neither cover it or show socks. T-shirt which is bigger than you, was good in the 90′, now it can be used to sleep. Ultimate way to be forgotten is to dress in similar colors without any contrast. Most funny thing, is that you can ruin any outfit with those rules – it doesn’t matter what you are going to wear; suit, tracksuit or jeans and t-shirt. With minimal effort you can make it look good. Just honestly look in the mirror.

Have courage to dress good. Contrasting colors.

There are two ways to live your life:

  1. First is to be seen.
  2. Second is to be forgotten.

Whatever you chose (it’s your life), you express it with your outfit. Majority of people would like to shine and to be seen, what directly requires a good look. It leads you to something, what is called contrast, and you will need it to shine. Plain – one color or one shade – outfit is a great way to vanish from society: gray pants, gray shirt and gray shoes. With such clothes you simply mask like a soldier in a forest – in other words: it’s not a great way to be remembered. To differentiate yourself from others, and be clearly visible you have to break the outfit with additions. Like a gold watch and chain with a gray t-shirt. It makes you clearly visible.

The best outfits are composed of three colors – it’s a three color rule. Combination of white-gray-gold is astonishing. Combination of navy-brown-white is astonishing. Also red-black and gold look very good. What colors you choose is up to you. But when you limit them to three, then chances of a good look are rapidly increasing.


You cannot be overdressed, but you still can look like idiot.

Adequacy. Golden word. There is a tribe of people who are constantly overdressing. They go grocery shopping in white shirts. They wear oxford shoes for BBQ. There is absolutely no problem in wearing elegant clothes, but it is a problem when you look like an alien on a party. Even if you are wearing top-notch designer clothes, and everyone is in tracksuits – you don’t fit. You either change a party, or go change. It is a poor way to differentiate yourself from other people. Much better way is to achieve something or show a Bentley in a garage. Such method, like wearing a suit on BBQ with friends, is not a way to be the best dressed guy, because you have the wrong style. If you have a wrong style, then you don’t take part in the competition. You lose.

Logo mania. How to dress without a brand?

There is absolutely no problem in wearing clothes from good brands. But there is a problem, when the logo on your chest becomes base of your look. Lots of people in major European and American cities are proving everyday, that you can wear cheap clothes and look like a millionaire. Because the logo is not a guarantee that you will look good. It’s only an addition to your look.

Knowing that, go to the world in style.