psychological power

Source of unlimited psychological power

Minding something like psychological power in aspect of life is crucial. Even with the best body and plan, you need power and energy to push forward. Especially psychological power. Be something more than just a human being.

Push the tempo, do more in less time. Psychological power.

You can’t stretch 24 hours a day. But you can leave useless habits like:

  • wondering about the sense of life after waking up,
  • checking five times did you turn off the iron,
  • thinking about other people’s insults,
  • doing things which change absolutely nothing in your life.

Last bullet is about absolutely nothing, and at the same time everything. Because only you can decide what doesn’t give you any profit. Only you see and know, what will push you in the right direction. I can show you examples and litter your mailbox with tons of them. But it won’t help you – knowledge about the mechanism is more important than plain list of examples. Everything you do is somehow backed; either in form of real purpose or emotions, but – (theoretically) has to have a sense and purpose for you. You can force yourself to believe that everyday reading of Hemingway’s books will make you a Nobel laureate, but chances are small.

Gather psychological power from things you love.

Of course you can persuade yourself, that making five thousand bucks is a life success. But if you hate money – then it will be absolutely synthetic. If you build yourself (including personality) on things in which you don’t believe – then you won’t be authentic. Authentic even to yourself. Instead of trying to persuade yourself, you ought to pursue everything what makes you feel good. Everything what feels like life accomplishment. Because only then, you will be able to say in the final outcome: I had a f*ing great life. Only then you will feel the interior integrity and fulfillment.

Nothing comes without a price.

However, it won’t be always so easy to do what pushes you forward. People will try to stop you and convert you to their philosophy. Some people around you will try to bring you down. And even if it is not their purpose – their inner voice tells them to do so. At certain point you have to say: “I’m sorry guys, but you are wrong. I see a better way.” And you certainly will – then the only thing left to do, will be going your way. Everyone sooner or later learns, that people rarely are going to agree with you. Ones solve it with a surrender. Others try to find a compromise. Third group respects what others say, but does their job.

This is not a matter of arguing with everyone around if you are right or wrong – if you feel, that you are right, then do what you think. There is absolutely no point in proving anything to anyone.


Constant pressure will either break you, or change you.

If you are constantly doing things in which you don’t believe – then you feel psychological dissonance. Our minds cannot operate with constant difference between what they think, and what they see. So, you either start to synthetically believe in something or change. Usually change to a person who you never wanted to be – person who does crap, which others don’t want to do. It means lack of any creativity, thus it means lack of any innovation.

But in order to have psychological power you have to be yourself. The real you, who does what he feels he has to do. Not what others think is right for him.