sharp temper

Sharp temper, how to handle it

Wondering where a sharp temper can get you? Some people try to tame it with mere results, others let it free. But what does it mean to be sharp tempered and how to handle it?

Sharp temper can get you far.

People who have a sharp temper usually don’t have any problem with presenting their opinions, not putting plans to work. Such type of temper gives you ability to easily handle any stressing situation – because you simply don’t treat it as a stressful situation. While many people are afraid of what they are doing, you can fully focus on what you want to do. There is absolutely no doubt in your actions. However, while it is useful to get through any psychological barrier, sometimes it is too much. Especially, too much in psychological sense for other people. Ability to handle such swings of fire and fury, and to point them like a laser in the right direction, make it a ultimate solution to any problem. Used without any plan makes it a weapon of social destruction.

Powerful personality has great power.

Anyone who possesses such personality knows, that the more problems surround him, the stronger he is. This type of a man is more effective in problematic situations, than in peace. It is extremely useful in life of any manager, business owner and anyone who experiences stress everyday. Mechanism, which triggers is more powerful than fear and forces you to act. This is called an born ability, which cannot be learned nor replaced by education. This is something what lies inside a human psychology and works automatically. Ability to turn problems into strength is a vicious circle of life fuel. Because the more you have to do, the more energy you have. And the only thing which can stop you is hunger.


However, nothing without control can work for ages.

While it is capable of turning everybody’s problems into fuel, it can lead to burnout or unnatural aggression. At certain point mind gets to so high level, that it turns into a state of invincibility. If this state stays for longer time, then everyone around can annoy you, and even if they want to help you with anything – you will see them as obstacles. The case with such a temper is to control it, and when it gets too energetic – to tame it a little bit. Not to get too much on your shoulders in order not to burnout yourself.

But there is an exclusion from this rule. Because when you try to tame something with great energy too much, then it can simply explode. Pretending that you are the most calm person in the universe, while you prefer active style of acting, will kill any of your natural potential.

Mix sharp temper with natural flow, and you get a superior option.

Those two get along very well. Very, very well. Guy who has a flow to do mixed with a self-confidence, and lack of care about nonsense opinions can achieve anything. Sooner or later such type of people gets through obstacles in their life. Additionally, watching effects of their actions gives great satisfaction to people around.