bottle of claptrap

Claptrap, art of talking about nothing

I was looking something up on and accidentally encountered word claptrap. Guys, what an amazing word, such useful when listening or reading many things. Today, it will be about something, or maybe absolutely nothing – claptrap in its purest form.

Let’s pretend we know something, claptrap time.

Maybe it’s not a problem, maybe its funny, but definitely – it’s visible. What am I talking about? Group of people who use wise words to describe easy things. Usually when they want to teach others, they wrap simple ideas in sophisticated forms. Like “you have to work” becomes “only truly developed plan of progress can lead to financial superiority”. Guys, it’s bulls**t. True one. Anyone who possesses any knowledge wants to pass it on other people. And every teacher knows that the easier the concept is, the more people will understand it. Only phenomenon which keeps such people alive, is that they create an illusion for others. Illusion of better future or an exclusive knowledge. In fact, the most valuable things are usually the most simple one, and the more complicated words you see – the more warned you should be.

The more you have to say, the more simple words you will use.

There is a direct connection between lots of information, and level of complexity when talking – the more you have to say, the simpler language you’ll use. Why? Because you don’t have time. And the other way around, the less you have to say – the more complicated language you use – to seem intelligent. Actually, to impress anyone it is better to show knowledge in practice, than talk about it. Because it will get the mask off every guy, who pretends to be someone who he is not.


But sometimes – it is useful.

Claptrap is not a thing used only to pretend and annoy other people, but also has some functions. Such ability to speak about absolutely nothing is useful when meeting new people in life. When you want to keep the conversation going or fill empty spaces in your book. If we would abandon it, our world would be only a set of numbers and absolutely accurate informations. Like in a users manual of an vacuum cleaner – absolutely synthetic and boring set of information. Did you ever saw a joke in a users manual?

But here is the difference between using it once a week, and building yourself as a person on it. While used rarely doesn’t define you as a man, used everyday destroys your credibility.

Really interesting people are natural.

Everyone prefers people who are behaving naturally. People who represent something as a person, not as empty words. People who are simply delivering the goods, and instead of promising – simply do. Such natural feeling is composed not only of interesting topic and way of speaking; its an composition of: look, style of language, body language and temper. Simply saying: things which cannot be learned. When any guy masks his real personality and behaves like someone else, then he can only kill any naturality inside him. You cannot get onto the next level without emotions. And if you cut any emotions while replacing them with empty words – then you can become only a worse version of yourself.

Just remember one thing:

It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation. ~ Herman Melville

History remembers those, who made something unique.