zero damn

Why it’s important to not give a damn

After few articles about retaining your focus and keeping psychological distance it all summons up into a form of this: article about zero damn policy, and in effect living few times happier life. 

There is a rule, that the more you care, the worse it gets. What about not giving a damn?

Proven by experience of many people around you – the more you care, the worse effect you get. Mainly because you are constantly thinking about it, and therefore missing new ways to solve problems or make something. Absolutely not proven by science, but proven by experience – the less you care, the happier you are. Let’s explain it on a example:

You have a debt of five thousand dollars to pay next week, which frustrates you, because you have also to pay the rent. Your bad mood projects onto your girl, who starts to annoy you. You get into a vicious circle of being constantly stressed.

Now imagine that you know that you have to pay, but you don’t experience it so deeply – everyone is happy!

Any negotiator will tell you, that the side which cares – loses.

Main field of negotiations is business – when the other side sees that you really want to close the deal – they will stand tougher, and lower the price less. On the other side, when comes a guy who barely cares about closing the deal – they can’t dictate the terms. Such scheme applies to every part of life; beginning with relationships to business. Because as always, the golden measure is in the middle – every success lies in not overdoing it. In that case – not giving a damn too much. Such attitude as complete lack of care is even more dangerous than caring too much, and can get people into even bigger problems. When you care too much – you are still doing something, but when you lose any care – then you can land on the couch for days.

Don’t give a damn, stress is bad.

Usually people who give a damn about their everyday problems are more stressed than those who don’t. In final outcome we are going to be ranked according to what we build, what we achieved and how we helped the society. No one is going to judge us on how we paid our bills, or did we care about other people insults. Stress is bad, and makes people less beautiful, so technically there is absolutely no point in experiencing it everyday. However, it’s extremely useful during big projects, where people have to be kept in order. Stress is responsible for our motivation to work and allows to concentrate.

But it is useful until point, when it starts to be harmful. In general, when you don’t give a damn about such things as talking with strangers, or asking for favor – it’s a healthy level. Problem occurs when main passion becomes an object of lack of care.


Caring about other people insults makes people very subjective.

People who care about opinion of people around are more stressed. Mostly because they experience every word that people around are saying. It leads to a situation when such guy before doing anything – is thinking what other people are going to think about him. While is United States it is more rare – in Europe it happens more often. No one should ever think what other people are going to say before going for their goals and dreams, because: it is their life. If you ever forget what and why you are doing, then think what will really matter in your 80’s. I doubt that it will be someone’s opinion about you.