overcome fear

Stop fearing the fear, is it useful

Fear is generally regarded as something negative. We avoid fear on everyday basis and concentrate on pleasant feelings. Somehow, fear is our main motivation to act, and overcoming of it – delivers great pleasure. Just stop being afraid of the fear, use it for your own profit.

Long ago fear had a purpose, but now it’s role is marginalized.

Few thousand years ago fear was something extremely useful for us. It motivated people to run in case of danger, served as a mechanism to defend our life. Fear’s main role in today’s world is almost over, because how many times something wants to kill you? Once, in a whole life? Nowadays, our old-fashioned mechanism is more harmful than useful. It makes girls pick-up harder. It doesn’t allow you to jump with parachute. Even, it can close your way to expressing your feelings. Because we are afraid of something. Usually of such crappy things, as being insulted or rated low. But hey, does it affect your life? Does it really make you a worse man?

Our once useful behavior turned into an limiting obstacle.

Now it limits your reach and makes you incapable of living normal life. It delivers doubt when talking with strangers. For what? How many people are going to attack you if you express your mind? Answer is none. So, if it turned from a behavior which was profitable for you, to a harmful one, then you should be able to turn it back again. Mostly because you ought to be smarter than your emotions.

When you realize that you should control your body – not the opposite – then you can use it for your own profit. Overcoming your fears – not only can – but surely delivers satisfaction. And it is not this type of satisfaction which you get while lighting a candle, but something what affects your life. Moment when you get onto your fear, like in a horse saddle can take your to emotional infinite. To a state of invulnerability.

Overcome fear regularly. Even everyday.

Do something new everyday. Talk with new people everyday. Try every rollercoaster in the park. Just do anything, to overcome your fears and get the real satisfaction from life. Because this feeling delivers a far greater satisfaction, than getting a salary increase. Everything of what we are afraid, can be a sign for you where to go to have satisfaction. Once one wise guy said:

First rule of life: do shit of which you are afraid.

Because it makes you feel alive. Because it forces you to overcome your weaknesses. People who are doing what they want to do are generally regarded as better in the social hierarchy. Such people are not afraid of saying what they have to say, and doing what they have to do. They know, that once they get into a situation of which they are afraid – then can use their mind to drive thoughts into a state of invulnerability. Just imagine what would happen if the people like Reagan, Napoleon or Kennedy cared what people are going to think about them. They simply didn’t take it as an option, because at certain point you know, that most of your fears lack sense. That any threat to you is not real.