Screw success, surprise everyone and be no one

Number of motivational speakers is rising. Everyone is trying to make their best and achieve success. Every second guy is reinventing the wheel in his book. Basically, everyone pretends to be different and better from rest of people. What if you go upstream, and instead of pretending to be the best, you choose to be no one?

Another twenty same looking guys with the same style.

There is one problem with the current city fashion: (almost) everyone in New York is looking the same. But, everyone is convinced that he is the only original one. We have obsession with originality. We have obsession with success. Our brothers and sisters are pretending to be the champions of life.

Guys, stop. This. Is. Not. A. Way. 

We, the “western” civilization, we have a serious problem – obsession of success. Check out 20 blogs about money. Check out another 20 blogs about self-improvement. Everyone is talking about the same crap without even adding anything innovative or new. It is the same scheme, with the same argumentation repeated over and over again from year 1970. In 1970, we had a self-help boom, and this thing is still expanding. Many fitness guys are teaching about fitness, while they even don’t know how to properly make a pull-up. People who never had a psychology book in their hands – are teaching others about psychological aspects of motivation.

Hey, but everyone is convinced that he is right. Is that really true?

If everyone would be a king, who would build palaces?

I have a certain feeling about whole self-help industry. Feeling which doesn’t allow me to believe again in the whole philosophy of it. Imagine: two thousand years ago, we had a society structure which was composed of psychically working people, warriors, clerics and a king. Everyone had a role in life to play, and everyone was really unique. Nowadays, majority of people would like to have a Bentley next to their villa, and a big pool in the backyard – preferably with dolphins inside. There is one, very significant problem. If we are feeding our minds with a idea that everything is possible, and everyone can have everything, then:

who is going to build our homes, manufacture those Bentleys and feed dolphins in the pools? 

If everyone is going to be the top-notch guy in the society structure, then who will be building our civilization? Rarely people’s dream is to work whole life until last breath. It leads to a point when you can see, that if everyone wants those top-tier toys, then we are going into a state of zero difference between people. Absolute similarity, and in effect – being seriously boring society.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Oscar knew what he was talking about. Tell me, what is the purpose of being another pretender? We have too many wannabes, who get in a suit and say they are CEO’s. Painful truth is that majority of people in suits are working for people in T-shirts. Don’t think outside the box – get rid of the box. If you really want to find yourself and who you are – just have some courage and look in the mirror. People who were once in motivational amok and recovered – clearly see, that it is not a proper way to be happy. In a society where everyone is trying (and often believing) that he is the most original guy on the street – usually he is the most ordinary one. In order to be really original you have to screw success and pursue something different.

Life sounds like a good idea.

Because at some point we’ve lost the main purpose of life – which is to simply enjoy it – and exchanged it for forced smile and sterile happiness.

Don’t go against the trend. Leave the trend. And get rid of success.

If you want to shine, then stop standing next to ten film lights. Even a supernova would stop to be outstanding. Problem with people who want to go against the trend, is that they are acting in conjunction with the trend. Such people as Henry Ford who made first serial car, or Steve Jobs who build such thing as Apple – they didn’t (and still don’t) have comparison or successor. They were unique. Their uniqueness was coming from them. Not from motivational thoughts or meetings of coaches. They screwed everyone around and did what they thought they have to do. They simply didn’t even mentioned the trend. Those guys were trend setters. So you, If you want to be someone – you have to imitate no one. You have to become no one in order to become yourself. Because you can start only from scratch.

So screw success, just live your life. Preferably Live Golden Life.