People change when they face their life alone

Such topic as behavior of people, when they are alone is rarely touched by authors. But in fact it shows much about human personality, and people who separated themselves from others – change over time. What you can learn from living far away from your home?

Lone warrior, a guy who left everything behind.

Some people, in some situations Everyone hits a wall at least once in his life. Then, you start to wonder that maybe you should abandon everything and start from scratch. Depending if you are quick-tempered or not, you will do that. People who do, actually start a new chapter in their lives. A chapter which imprints the stigma on their life. From a perspective of a guy who leaves his family and takes only one suitcase, your future is a big unknown. Even if you have lots of money and courage, your future life is still yet unknown. Leaving all your current problems, as well as support – shows you who you really are and what you can. Because on different continent or country there is no direct help from your relatives.

Perspective of lack of stability forces you to focus.

When you put yourself in a situation when everything depends on you, including your home, work and future life – you immediately switch to full focus mode. Problem with comfortable life is that you can wait, that you don’t have immediate threat in front of you. Such requirement of action, forces you to abandon all unnecessary things you’ve been doing until today. Additionally – making you focus on securing your life. Besides, it happens every time you throw something away from your life. Because it makes some space for new things. Because it subconsciously demands you to something. Everything what allows you to wait and postpone your actions, is in aspect of whole life – harming.


You literally move your ass, when you see problems coming. Alone.

The problem with people who are waiting for anything, is not their attitude, nor personality. It is a too comfortable life, which allows you to do so. When you get really alone, both in aspect of finances and support – then you really concentrate on what you have to do. Because the only two options you have is either to surrender, or to push forward. But keep in mind that there is a difference between intentionally placing yourself in a situation without exit (like moving abroad with one thousand bucks in a wallet), and being alone in a new environment. People who are in front of threat of lack of home, see a lot of options to make money. Unlike people who are sitting in front of TV and wondering how they can be rich.

Even forcing yourself to think productively, efficiently, positively, opening your mind and tons of other ultra-motivating adjectives won’t. help. you. if you are sitting in front of your life and staring at it with wishes in your eyes. Even forcing yourself to believe, that you have to do anything won’t help you. Because unless you really see a need to do anything, and a direct connection between actions and your life – you won’t be able to make a step forward. Being alone in matter of work, automatically makes you move. It is a zero-one situation – if you have money, you eat, if you don’t have money – you don’t. And living on other people expense or in a cozy, but crappy job will keep you drifting. But won’t make you happy.