focus back

How to restart yourself and get your focus back

Everything what we are experiencing affects our focus and attitude to life for a whole day. It can be either a positive effect, which makes you think easier, or a disturbing one. Slump of focus definitely won’t help you in enjoying your life, nor working. How then to restart yourself, and retrieve you focus? Why it is so important?

First of all, what derails your attention and make you dull?

Staying too long among many people makes your mind tired and exhausts your senses. Such thing happens after marathon in shopping center – it is a extreme example of social exhaustion. Second things is sitting in one place and doing absolutely nothing. Our mind gets lazy after certain period of not using it – and recover to the normal state is not immediate. Every kind of repetitive work makes you lose your focus. Also, driving for few hours is something what will derail your attention and ability to concentrate. In fact, everything what is in excessive quantities, or doesn’t require any creativity – will make you feel numb.

In order to get your brain back, cut off from everything. Now.

To regain your ability to focus, you have to eliminate everything what doesn’t want to allow you to do so. Place where you are losing you attention and creativity, is often your workplace especially – after few hours. In order to get your brain back you have to leave the room, and go somewhere quiet. The less stimuli you get, the faster you will be able to focus. If you are not at work, then your possibilities are wider, so you can launch a relaxing music and sit alone for a while. The main purpose of doing so, is finding your sense of life again, and focusing on things you have to do. People are able to concentrate for average 30 minutes, after this time – they lose their attention. If you want to work effectively, then you have to keep in mind that you need mental rest.


For absolute lack of focus you have to move your body.

Music and relax can work for easier tasks or work. In order to revive yourself you have to restore your correct blood circulation. To do so you have three ways:

  • move you body by running, fitness or weight lifting,
  • meditate with concentration on breathing,
  • get into water – jacuzzi, pool or ocean.

All three methods refresh your mind and give you new, fresh look on world. Until you are tired because of lack of sleep – restoring your normal state of mind will make your life easier, and more enjoyable.

There is absolutely no point in half-existence.

Most people wake up everyday in poor state of mind and body, only to survive next day and go to sleep. They don’t care that they could see, achieve or experience more. It is a scheme of drifting through life without any purpose. I believe that only laser-like focus can get you where you want to go. So, instead of waiting for miracle you have to restart yourself and be able to see again. Because there is not point in working numb for eight hours a day, when you can do it in two. All you need is few tricks. When you work more efficiently, then you have more time for your life and people around.