go beyond

Go beyond your duties, it’s about something more

One of the most forgotten truths in life is that work has to be a source of passion and fulfillment, not only a way to spend eight hours a day. That work without joy is a pain, not a passion. And that to achieve anything – you have to make an additional, usually not required step – and go beyond the duties. But hey, which step?

Work is important, but you are more important.

Let’s present it this way: you have a job, so you need work – and work needs you. There is no special strategy to work in factory and operate a machine, but there is a strategy how to work as a sales consultant, or owner of the company. While work can provide you cash and consume your eight hours a day, then it should make you fulfilled. Because when your income is dependent on your will to seek new sources of money, then your state of mind is very important. Someone who is working as a sales consultant only because he needs money won’t have any passion, nor interest in his work. But this work is not only about being smart and effective. It is about looking for new methods and ways.

Only people who are waking up wondering, what they are going to sell today can be really effective. But it requires some love for work. For this certain work. Lack of it gradually limits your amount of customers and contacts – what limits possibilities. This is not a type of work, where you are receiving a ton of paper to process everyday. Here, you either fight or get out. Why I’m saying about this? Because anyone who doesn’t like a sitting office job, where they pay you every week or month and your boss gives you more paper every day – has to expand his reach everyday. Staying on the same level as you were yesterday will get you nowhere. There is no good company without sales people. While old customers leave you, get bankrupt or simply don’t need your service anymore – sales people keep the score and keep money coming.

No one ever achieved anything by waiting. Just go beyond.

While achievement is acquiring or making something what wasn’t present on this world, or getting into the top rank of the society, then how we can name a activity of a guy with a company, who is doing the same everyday, and looking for success? Waiting. If you are not looking for new methods, meeting new people and trying how to make more money today, then you are waiting for miracle. Miracles are very rare phenomenons and usually they are not associated with money. Anything you do – if you are doing the same set of activities everyday, without going deeper than yesterday – then you are waiting. Consequence is one thing, but lack of innovation and new fields to play is either a full-time job, or a good way to fail. Just go beyond your duties as a owner or employee.


Development is not equal to thought.

Wondering about pushing forward is one thing. Making brave plans and strategies is second thing. But those are only a part of development. One thing is living in your mind, but second is in real world. Unless you put your plan into effect and go beyond yesterday – it is still only a dream. People with fair intellectual resources have a tendency to think more, than they actually do. Because the more intelligent you are, the more you can imagine about yourself and your environment. This is something what we have to watch for, in order to avoid vicious circle and self-adoration. One of the most universal ways to check if your achievements in head comply with reality, is to ask your relatives about them. If the deviation between what you think and what they say is too big – then you probably achieved success only in your head.

So, are you going today to wonder, or to make a few dollars?