psychological pressure

Psychological pressure – way to go or no?

Something like stress in known worldwide, and one of it’s causes is psychological pressure. In fact, it can be (and it is) used as a way to motivate people. We are working under constant pressure coming from our environment, but what is the healthy doze of it? Can you get into vicious circle because of psychological pressure?

Your productivity depends on stress levels.

Frankly saying, stress is usually seen as something negative for people. In fact, stress makes you productive at all. Here is a little diagram for you:

psychological pressure
Stress diagram, source:

As above, you can see that being too laid back makes you as much unproductive, as being too stressed. It comes from the fact that you simply don’t care about anything. All your life values make you somehow pushed forward. Everything you believe obliges you to do something. Such thing as “I have to buy a new Mustang” is in fact a kind of psychological pressure. It subconsciously tells you, that you have to do something to get it. Same happens at work – if you know that you have to do something, then you feel a need of doing it.

However, what you believe can also put a negative pressure on you.

Example with Mustang is a useful and positive kind of psychological pressure – when you really have resources and ways to make it. Otherwise, it turns out to be a negative kind of pressure, which will put you in the red part of the diagram. Jim, who visualized in his mind a new Ferrari and house in Hollywood – will probably never have it. Simply saying because his income is two thousand dollars per month. It is not a matter of pointing people with lower financial resources, but being honest with yourself. Setting realistic goals gives you real power to work and puts you in the yellow part of the diagram. Sooner or later, you can achieve your goal, if it’s adequate to your resources. But setting too big goals for yourself, while you know that your current situation is unsuitable – it’s a great way to fail, and become depressed.

Such goal to get onto the top, while you are standing at the bottom – is unrealistic, and way to do it – exists only in your head. We have to distinguish real possibilities from imaginations. Because, if our Jim wakes everyday with a thought how to get a Ferrari, then he is going to burnout himself. Because currently there is no obvious way to do it in two years. Unless he becomes very popular artist until next summer.


A little bit of psychological pressure is a way to motivate people.

When you know that too little pressure can be as destructive as too much of pressure, then you probably wonder how to use it. No matter if your are going to put yourself, or your team to work – you have to remember that no one can live under permanent pressure. Way to achieve a goal is first of all: to set it real goal, according to what you have and what you can. Hope is not a strategy. Assuming that “somehow it will work” while you are out of possibilities it’s a way into trouble. You can have such an attitude when don’t care about the effect. But it’s absolutely useless when you want to get it done good. On the other way, setting a deadline a little bit sooner that it should be can make your team work more efficiently, while not overloading them with tasks.

Are you too stressed? Try to eliminate few things to do. Frankly, you are more important than your to-do lists in the final outcome.

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