worthy people

Surround yourself with worthy people

One of the most important things in life to make it easier and more pleasurable is to have worthy people around. People who will provide you with every kind of support, beginning from emotional help to providing new contact and resources. Who is a man without any people around?

Trustworthy people around – let them be worthy.

In order to perform any bigger project in life, to achieve anything in social terms – you have to have people who you can trust. People on whom you can rely. Nothing limits your progress more than people who leave you standing in the middle of the project alone. Good network of people multiply your effects, because if you know one man – in fact, you have an access to dozen of people. Everyone knows someone, and this is how connections are made. The better people you have around – the more you can. Combination of intelligent guy with trustworthiness is a lethal solution to any problem. Second thing is that people who make you feel comfortable unlock your real potential, because of psychological feeling of security.

Choose your friends wisely. Quality over quantity.

Everyone can have dozen of friends, but not everyone will be supported in tough times. There is a major difference between lots of friends, and real friends. Of course – lots of connections make your life easier, but you have to divide connections from real friends. People with whom you are trading are rarely your friends – even if they are smiling to you. In fact, you can count number of real friends on right hand. People who exceed this number are only people known to you – with whom you have contact. If you name everyone your friend, if they are not, then who is your real friend? It is better to have two real people on your side, than thousand of fake people who only pretend to be friends.

Usually most worthy is your family.

Mostly underrated, and used only as a last help is: family – what often is a mistake. Your closest ones are the most trustworthy people you can even met in your life. While friends can abandon you sooner or later – family will never leave you alone. There are cases of extreme conflicts in families, but in general – they are more worthy than any friend. Such people – direct relatives – as parents, parents of parents, or siblings will often jump into fire after you. Find two friends who will sacrifice everything for you, and compare it to your parents. Can you find such people?

It is better to lead a powerful team, than to be a sheep in a mass.

People tend to forget than the effect is more important, than how you get to it. If you plan to build a house – it is more important that you will complete it, than that logo of the construction company. At work it is better to gather a small team composed of intellectually powerful people, than to get fifty mere people. When it comes to any mental work, then the size doesn’t matter, because the less paper per idea you generate, the more efficient you are. And remember, that it is easier to persuade people who you know, than people who you’ve seen for ten minutes.