Proud man – the recipe. Do what you love

What is your point of interest? What makes you feel good, and makes you forget about passing time? Every man has a discipline in life which makes feel him invincible. Instead of taking care of things which make you tired, switch to what you love. Being proud is a big life reward.

Hard work is obvious, but to be proud you have to love it.

Everyone knows that hard work will get you far. But, rarely they say that you also have to love what you are doing. No one who hates his work is going to work there longer than few years. Because hard work requires determination and passion – you have to have a purpose of work. Something like mortgage to pay will motivate you for short time, then it turns to a everyday mental pain. Of course, you can withstand working in such a job, but I doubt that you will be creative in any way. Because new ideas are born when you want to improve something. Improvement is reserved only for things you love, and if you hate them – you won’t improve them.

Forget about the peer pressure, just do what you want.

Do you want to be as big as Steve Jobs or Bill Gates? Want to outperform biggest in the branch? Remember about one, very important thing – their motivation, discipline and goals are effect of doing what they love. They love what they are doing, and even if they get into trouble – there is even no question like if it’s their branch and business. People can tell you that you are not trying enough, or you are too weak for what you are doing. But – maybe the solution is in different place: maybe you simply do not love what you do? In fact, many people do what their friends and family tell them to do, not what they like.

Feel the joy when your work.

Whoever tells you what you have to do, remember that people project the best possible solution onto you. But the best possible solution which they know. Frankly, only you have the fire inside you to steer your life and push forward. Quick example: if you have to pay your bills and that is the main purpose of your work, and you hate your work, what is then the purpose of it? If you have to work at least eight hours a day to enjoy your life for four hours a day, you pay double. You pay with your time. In fact, all brains around the world: have, had and will have joy from their work. They get up and feel that today they are going to win. Why then you should get up in the morning and feel poor?

Feel proud every evening.

Scheme to be proud and win the life is simple.

  • Get up in the morning excited about the day,
  • do what you love until evening,
  • feel proud of what you achieved today.

No, I’m sorry, but there is no psychological method to enjoy any poor work. Even consumption of motivational books won’t get you far. Everyone who was trying self-help section of library, knows the value of it. Your real targets are in your head right now. You know them, and even the thickest book is not going to help you. You simply have to do what you have to do. And what it is? Only you can tell me. Not books.