Art of undisrupted creativity

Creating new solutions, developing new projects, and having good ideas is in fact – a easy process. The only thing you need is an undisrupted environment and few skills to develop a clear, pure idea. What is the secret of the most successful ones?

First of all: judge after you do, not before – real creativity.

One of things that can efficiently stop you from developing anything, is caring what other people will say, think or write about your idea, before you do anything. Anything what lies in your mind is only a forecast of what can happen, it is not certain prediction of future. No one can say anything about your achievements, if you didn’t achieve anything. Never presume that your idea is useless and your solution is poor. Until you check it – everything is a good idea.

Second thing is that no one is always right, and basing on judgment of other people won’t get you far. Wondering if your idea will fit everyone before you try it – is a mistake. If you feel afraid to start your business – there is no point in such fear. When you are afraid to express your opinion in group – there is also not point in such fear. Remember that “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” (Roosevelt), and people who bring you down deserve to be removed from your life. Also remember that anyone who criticizes without any purpose, doesn’t deserve to be listened. Of course, when people get angry they verbally attack everything around – but this can’t be a way of living. Usually people who talk the most about others – never accomplished anything by themselves. Are they people who should shape your life?


Everyone has a talent inside

One guy is a great artist, second knows how to disassemble a car engine. One woman was a great speaker, and she thought that she doesn’t have any talent – but it was her talent. In fact, if you isolate a little bit from other people and set your mind free, then you can discover what is really inside you. Creating a solution for corporate problems is not complicated task, when compared to building a rocket engine. People tend to complicate their life’s and assume that a delayed delivery for customer – is a end of the world. No, it’s not and it never was – you only have to face consequences of it. Because when you less care about the problem, the better solution you will develop. Because it unlocks creativity. Absolute focus and concentration is a good way to psychological burnout, because real flow flows from relaxed attitude.

Provoke, forget about schemes

Do something unusual, surprise people around. Regular solutions are already globally known and they rarely work. Art of creativity is to combine few methods and approach problem from a different point. Don’t go straight, try to deconstruct the problem from the end – not from the beginning. If you do anything the other way – you will certainly get a unique result. People love people who use unusual solutions. In fact nothing innovative and new was made with use of old schemes. Of course, they are inspired by those, or by need to use them, but it is never a process of developing old method. Look, almost all discoveries which were made hundreds years ago were made: by accident. As much as they were, as much “accidentally” you can solve your life problems.