If you want happiness, you have to be happy now

Something like happiness in future doesn’t exist, you have to be happy at this, certain moment. Why waste time in situations which make you unhappy? What profit do you get in a toxic environment?

Basic topics, tough problems. Get happy.

Everyone would like to be happy, everyone would like to be respected. But no one wants to quit current, problematic situation and start a new life. You can hear complaints that something is not working as it should. Complaints that current life is mere, and that hope – is in the future. But answer is closer than you can think, because problem is not in the current situation, but in the attitude to it. If your current job doesn’t satisfy you, then quit it. If your current partner makes you depressed – leave. No one has a right to complain that he can’t leave work because of mortgage and loans to pay.

It was you who signed the documents for additional credit card. It was you who wanted better car bought on credit. Also, it is a consequence of past actions, but it is not the case. Because if you did those decisions, if you signed those agreements – then you should be proud of your actions. Everyone knows how to describe happiness, and even you have a version of it in your head. But, rarely people are on the path to it. Why? If I ask you what is your definition of happiness, what would you answer?

You have a right to quit.

You have a right to quit any situation which makes you uncomfortable. As much as you have a right to choose people with whom you want to hang out. It leads you to a point, when you have to be aware of what you are doing. There is absolutely no point in waking up everyday and going to work which you hate. Even if you need money for basic needs, there is whole variety of jobs which you can do. If your college doesn’t provide you pride and happiness, also you have a right to change it. Even if your family says that certain faculty of a university is better for you – it is your life, and you have a right to choose it.

Key to success is to start, before you are ready.

Now the positive part: your happiness which you are looking for is around you. People who surround you, place where are you sitting now – all of those are reasons to be happy. Of course that your situation can always be better, but also it can be worse. There is no such thing as amount of money, which can make you permanently happy. There is also no such thing as number of things to own to be permanently happy. It can only occur when you learn how to value people and things you have around yourself. That’s why the key to real happiness lies in you and in this moment. Right now you have to start to admire everything around, because – people who are constantly looking for happiness – usually are those, who never find it.

The same applies to passion and desired work. Don’t believe those who say that something will magically make you fulfilled in two seconds. Your real passion is in front of you, and waiting for  a moment when you start to use it. No one ever said that your idea will not work. Not everyone is always absolutely right, and if you choose a certain path of life – it is your choice. If no one was there before – don’t listen that you will fail. Because your mission is to prove, that your path will work. And if you are a pioneer, then go – Columbus was also called a fool.