How to stop being lazy. Quickly.

Tired of lying on the couch whole day? The only way to complete any dream lies in direct action, like waking up from the bed. Later, it becomes a habit. Does Salomon’s quote apply to you?

Doors spin on the hinges, while lazy people on the bed. ~ Salomon, Polish Bible

The more you think about doing, the less you do.

There is direct connection between thinking about action, and not completing it. No one ever described it, but the more you plan in your head and render possible scenarios – the more time you spend on a couch thinking about it. Some people get to a point when they are kings only in their heads, but mere in real life. It is a opium of today’s world, that you collect dreams in your mind and wait for a miracle. Instead of focusing on unreal expectations, everyone’s proper way is to do what they can, and use what they have. Not everyone can have a Bentley in garage, but not everyone has to be a mere being. Certainly, everyone can have a life full of honest happiness. But it requires action, not wishes.

Just make find the first step.

To do what you have on your to-do list (of course you’ve checked previous article about time?) put your smartphone aside, turn everything around off and – think what is the nearest action. Instead of focusing on solving a big problem – find the first step. To write an article – you have to write the topic line. To get in shape – you have to visit the gym for the first time. Do you understand the idea? Never look on a project/task in aspect of one big task, but concentrate on the first step. Everything else will go automatically. This is how you start a tough project:

  • make an overall plan for it,
  • find the first, smallest step,
  • start.

You can’t start it from the middle of it. As much as you can’t be born in your 30’s.

There is no such thing as permanent motivation. But there are habits.

No one ever found a well with permanent motivation, and anyone who found – is lying. However, if you want to be a regular guest of gym – just get into habit of doing it. Our mind makes a habit after a period of two weeks to one month. After this time everything you do is done almost automatically (you still realize that you are doing that, what gives you opportunity to be proud). After one month of going to the gym you simply go there everyday. And after feeling pain of going to work for two weeks – you switch to mode of going there 5 times a week. You still complain about the traffic, but it is something obvious that you go there. It shows that you do not need motivation to do it everyday – what shows – that the motivation is a tool to start, not to maintain.

What is your purpose?

Do you want to stop eating before sleep? Get bigger muscles, or find a motivation do work? First of all – think what is your purpose, and what do you want to achieve. Few people realize that eating while watching TV is in fact a habit, not a need. If you stop it for one month, you will forget about jelly with HBO. It can be useful at work, because you can realize that not everything is necessary, and innovative methods can become a habit.

And remember that no one is successful only because of wishing. Wishes are perfect for birthday cakes. Not for your targets.