Minimalism – art of simplicity and freedom

Too many things in your life? Maybe you are looking for something new? At certain moment in life you encounter an feeling of overloading with things around you. Mostly because today’s life is overloaded with information and features. Minimalism, time to get rid of that.

Set yourself free, minimalism is solution.

Things surround you, they shape your lifestyle and affect your mind. Too many boxes, appliances and every sort of stuff takes your personal space. It limits your movement and affects the way you think. First of all, the more elements around anything – then the real message is less visible. In this case – the message of your home should be that it is for you, not for your things. Am I right? If you have to clean everything, take care of it, and more important – pay for it – it consumes your life.

You do not need all those clothes, you do not need all those gadgets. Three cell phones lying in the drawers are useless – you are not going to use them. All those things kept for “future” are in fact mere hope, because – they are useless. It leads you to the point when your apartment consists of useless waste in half. The older you are, the more litter you collect. Most of people are not even going to touch it in next two years. It leads to paying double rent for nothing, because you are not going to touch half of it anymore. And you can accidentally kill yourself because of something lying on the floor.

Minimalism as a style of life.

Throwing out everything what you haven’t been using longer that a week, is a great way of getting free. But it won’t work if you are not eager to change yourself. Because what is the point of making your thrash bin full, if you are going to buy new debris? It has to be a change in your mind, that you start to look on things in the context of utility first. This new 75 inch TV is useless, because you have the 65 inch already. The change of quality you get from it is marginal, but you pay double. The raise of utility you get has to be equivalent to what you pay. Buying a new phone only because it has screen bigger by 5% is a denial of any logic. And if it is two times expensive than the current one – is even a rejection of logic.

The most important thing is that it has to be useful. If you are buying something only for one use – maybe think about renting it, or borrowing from a friend. If you buy a new suit only for one occasion, then what is the sense? To let it hang in the wardrobe and lose value? The wealthier you get, the more you should value the money.

Minimalism at work.

The best solution is usually the most simple one. No matter if you are working in your own company, or you have a full-time job – if you have to deliver something, then do it. If your job is to get 10 clients in a day – then do it in a most straight manner. The point is that: focusing on your target is more effective, than focusing on a best way to do it. We are living in times when everyone is obliged to do twice he can, for the same money.  The way how you click the buttons in computer is of course important, but more important is if you did, what you had to do. I would like to tell you that anything you do should be preceded by question what is the purpose of it.

When you build a new bluetooth speaker, then you ask yourself what is the main purpose of it. It has to be small, and loud – that is the purpose. And it should stay this way. No additional pink lights around. No additional useless buttons, options to control the timbre – it is useless in such product. Look how Apple is designing it’s products:

  • iPhone has the lowest possible amount of buttons.
  • The connectors are limited to one, multifunctional one.

It is simple as possible, and people love the minimalism. No more wondering how to use it, no problems. Now compare it to less known brands – they are trying to win with amount of gadgets. And they are constantly losing with minimalism.

Minimalism is a way to see the real purpose.