Three effective ways to have more time

There is one, favorite complaint among working people: that they don’t have enough time. But where the problem starts: at the point when you lose your resources of free time, or you were born with inadequate quantity of it? What if you change approach, and see that gaining time is not a matter of getting more of it, but of cutting useless activities?

In order to have more time, you have to get rid of useless activities.

First and fundamental rule of managing your time resources is cutting in half – or even whole – all useless things you usually do. All checks of Facebook after you get up, manual checking of mailbox in the morning, checking three times if you closed the front door or commuting to your gym – are wasted time. Your phone has a notifications area made to make life simple – it shows you anything that happened at night. If you commute to the gym for 45 minutes one way – find a closer one (even if you are going to miss the dumbbells). And yes, your phone is intelligent enough to check your mailbox automatically.

Commuting to work is usually a big waste of time, but it doesn’t have to be it anymore. In 1980’s audio books became popular way of spending your time, so there is a question: why wouldn’t you listen to them while driving? It can turn your wasted 45 minutes to 45 minutes of new, fresh information.

Second thing is that even subconsciously – we are spending time with people who in fact don’t deliver any value to our life. Neither emotional, nor informational – when then talk with them?

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Be loyal to your life priorities.

All people have a set of values which drives them through the life. Three most common groups are:

  • People who crave success and usually money,
  • People who want the best for their loved ones,
  • And people who have a mission to make the world a better place.

All of them have some sub-priorities who determine how they want to achieve their goals. In order to manage your time and use most of it – you have to remember why you are doing what you are doing. Man from first group, who craves success – shouldn’t scroll Facebook wall during working hours. He wanted more time, and he is wasting it, am I right? The point of doing so is to relieve stress and rest yourself, but in fact – it doesn’t provide any rest. So, if your main purpose in working hours is to make money – then make money, not browse fanpages with funny monkeys.

To-do list – free your mind.

Do you know such a term as overloading? Of course you do. Our mind is powerful tool capable of building rockets. However, it’s ability to store short-term information is quite limited. Keeping your shopping list, reminders about two projects and calendar in your mind consumes your resources. Resources which you could use for thinking. 

As we know, if you can think harder, then you can do more in less time. If you do more in less time = then you have more time. Dumping all your things to do in a mobile application opens you a new world of possibilities. Such app you can find even in stock iPhone – it’s name is Reminders. The point is that you should try to add everything you have to do to your list – and check it quite often. Then you will be capable of truly planning your day and also you will never forget anything again.

Things that can be categorized, should be optimized. Such thing is your precious time, which your can gain again. It requires only some respect to it, loyalty to values and self-organizing. 

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