How to sell anything, or persuade anyone

There is no one, proven method to be the most successful person on the planet. However, there are few methods to sell anything. Or persuade anyone. Learn how to be this guy, who can get anything.

Create a need of your solution, then try to sell it.

The most basic mistake of any beginning businessman or trader is his question: “do you want to buy it?” No. No one will, because if you give a possibility to say no, then you will hear no. The proper method to sell anything (and persuade anyone) is to assume from the beginning, that someone wants to buy it. You have to ask him “why”, not “if”, or even worse – “maybe”. General rule is that you have to decide, which way you will go. First is method is the cheeky guy who doesn’t understand word “no”, while second is the intelligent attitude. Cheeky guy method rather doesn’t require any explanation, because it simply requires some guts to do it. You get into negotiation room, throw enormous price on the table, and wait for reaction. Second, intelligent attitude is some sort of art, sort of balancing on the edge – but leads to gorgeous effects. 

Back to the methods. If you cannot act a way mentioned above, then you have to use other method. Such effective tool, is creating a need and then selling something. It doesn’t mean that you have to persuade someone that he has a problem. You rather have to show him, that using your product or agreeing with you, is in fact a profit for him. If you want to persuade someone to lend you his Ferrari, then find his need of sharing with other people and suggest him your solution.

Sell solution, the way you convince people.

If you find a spot where someone needs help, but you don’t help him – you are not a worthy friend. In order to push through your idea, you have to apply your solution. Such solution is a fast food for constantly busy people. Such solution is a camera in a smartphone to take selfies. No one before thought that putting a camera into a phone is a good option – it was seen as a useless feature. So, if you see someone’s need to do anything, then you have to solve his problem. Even if is not a current problem. Lack of camera in a phone is current times problem, fifteen years ago it wasn’t.

So you want to drive his Ferrari.

In order to get something you want from anyone, you have to create a value for him. People who will give you something without personal profit are few, if not any. No one except your father will give you his Ferrari for one day, and additionally for free. Of course unless you show him, that you both have profit from it. If you are a Instagram star and your Ferrari friend has a company – then you can make a barter trade, and exchange profits. You post a photo with his protein shaker, he gives you Ferrari. Mathematically you exchanged a value of 0, (zero). Practically he made your dream come true, and you helped him a lot with his brand. In fact he gave you the Ferrari for free, only because you gave him value. Do you see the point?

No one ever came back to a poor seller.

In matter of money and friendship. If you sell crap – no one will come to you again. If you promise and run away – no one is going to trust you again. Of course, unless you are constantly changing environment – it also can be a way of life. But if you prefer more stable style of life, than moving every two weeks – you have to be trustworthy. One of more loud phrases from business circle, is that your most happy customers are the best advertisement. And the same applies in everyday’s life.

Be true, be golden.