The difference between talent, and forced creativity

Some people have talent, others don’t. When the first group starts creating – usually they create masterpieces. When second group starts anything, we get lots of empty words. Never force yourself to be creative, because it has to be a gift.

Real talent has a natural flow.

People who have a talent do everything absolutely naturally, and without mental effort. If you want to find happiness in your life, and really feel fulfilled, then you have to do what you love. You certainly know the feeling of achievement, which you experience after completing something important for you. However, that feeling doesn’t touch everyone in the same moment. The point is, that different people crave different goals in their lives – they need different achievements and mountains to climb. The stimulus to do so is somewhere inside you, and only you know how to activate it.

There is a difference between doing for yourself, and doing for others.

Young people rarely realize that most of things which they crave, are in fact because of their peers pressure. We rarely need all those expensive logos on t-shirts, and while young – almost everyone craves them. Some people get too old for it, rest of them stays in the same habit, because they inherit is as theirs, they are deep believers that it is they decision. But it’s not. And the more interesting thing is that the phenomenon of outside pressure occurs in majority of our lives.

It can lead you to belief that you want to be a corporation CEO, that you want to have your business, that you want to have a blonde wife. No. You. Don’t. And that’s the point when the synthetic goals are created. That is the point when people without talent start to believe, that if everyone is capable of running a business – they are also. Unfortunately, they are not, and never were.

But they try, because motivational pictures told them that they can.

Motivational pictures are in general useful thing, especially when you get up with a hangover and have to go to work – then they are. Problem occurs when people start to make a life philosophy out of them. Then those people start to believe in their own greatness. Then they become empty can of hope. If you can count more of adjectives about your greatness, than things you’ve achieved – you are at risk of becoming such a creature. Such empty hope without proven, successful history is a big step towards burnout. Look at one thing: people who are and those who were great businessman were rather talented, than motivated.They did art of negotiating, they innovated environment, and shaped the future. No one who was talking more, than completing, is written on cards of history. Can you see such a connection?

Use your talents, fulfill yourself.

I don’t tell you that if you have talent, then you can forget about determination and few sacrifices, because the best way to waste a talent is to let it wait. Instead of it I encourage you to separate for a while from other people for a while, and think what do you want to do now. Right now, nothing more. No wondering about your future, mortgage and financing of the car. Only what you would like to do now. Then, you will see what really gives you passion, and where probably is your talent. You don’t have to discover it, it is in front of you, waiting for you.