Don’t play games that you do not understand

Ambitions and self-expectations can get you far in life, but there are exceptions. There are situations when your ambitions play against you, and you are participating in projects or businesses which are not suitable for you. Learn how to spot such a situation, and how to find your field, which provides money.

Instead of proving anything, focus on fulfilling yourself as a person.

We can observe throughout whole society a group of people, who are building their self-esteem basing on comparison with other people. Such type of personality is lost in a world, where you have to be a value as a independent man. The point is that you have to feel good with yourself, and the best to do it is to imagine yourself on inhabited island. If you feel bad with yourself without looking at other people – it means that you could be that type. What is the point of this paragraph? To show you, that there exist a phenomenon of doing business only to prove your value to people around. That this is not a real passion and vocation, which you can do indefinitely. The real point of doing any business is a feeling, that this is something yours, that it is part of you.

Everything what is your passion comes naturally.

Business is a kind of war and sport, which requires unnatural doze of ambition and motivation. To perform efficiently in it, you have to feel it on every step, and even when it gets tough – you still feel that it is your sport. Previous paragraph was about an pretentious attitude to self value, and it has a big connection with any business activity. Not only because this is not only a matter of building your own value on comparison with others, but also such attitude can get you a step further, and force your mind to believe that you are capable of handling a business. Nowadays the problem is a tendency that being an entrepreneur is for everyone, and only required thing is your determination. Business of course is about determination, strong character and will to change the world, but also about the talent.

Determination and consequence cannot replace creativity, and in effect cannot lead to innovation. Even the most motivated person without a talent cannot lead the market, because he is basing on the same, old schemes of acting. He is basing on methods which already existed before. That is why you should think twice before you start a project, and analyze if it is really what you want. In era of startup on every corner you should think, if we have very talented society, or maybe it is a kind of fashion.

There is difference between vocation and being stubborn.

Not everyone is made to run a company, and not everyone is made to work in a full-time job. Business, logo, brand and whole outside image should be an effect of your work, not a purpose of it. You can find lots of people who are pretending to be a businessman, but have zero profit. They wear suits, they have business cards, they talk a lot about their business – but still, they do not have any income from it. We have an extraordinary phenomenon of hordes of people who are entrepreneurs, but they do not have any money, or little money from it.

Back to track, there are three basic purposes of business:

  • money
  • self satisfaction
  • will to improve the world

Those three are connected, and are a pillar to good business – it means that without one or two business can exist, but it foretells incoming collapse of a company. It means that you shouldn’t participate in activities which do not provide you those three, in this case – money.

Don’t play games that you don’t understand, even if you see lots of other people making money from them. -Tony Hsieh