Money never sleeps, financial liquidity

Be honest with yourself: how much of your business resources are lying on bank accounts and waiting for action? Why money is meant to be used, instead of lying on accounts doing nothing? Financial liquidity.

Financial liquidity is an essence.

Of any business being in capitalist system. It grants right to exist for companies, and gives them possibility to operate. People tend to store cash for infinite instead of using it, and you – what is your attitude?

Financial liquidity means that you can buy supplies, and you are trustworthy. Situation of zero liquidity occurs usually just before bankruptcy of company, but this is not a case today. Main idea of this article is to encourage you to use free money to expand your reach as a company, and gain new possibilities. Because what is the point of keeping money and letting it wait for a miracle?

Let the money work for you, it is its role.

Instead of putting cash on 0% bank account, use it on the market. It means using it anywhere, no matter if it is stock market, buying new product for testing on the shelves, or putting it into real estate – it has to work. Any financial resources which are not used are simply useless. There is no point in keeping money only to keep it, and furthermore – costs of bank accounts can turn it from wealth, to costs. Buying some stock is great idea, because it doesn’t require you to take any action, you simply buy it and forget about it. Of course you have to learn a little bit how it works, before buying anything, but why reject additional income? Money which is not used for reserves literally begs you to do anything with it, even if it means buying new product and adding it to yours shop assortment. Take your chances, and allow it to discover for you new, profitable segment of market.

There is never too much education, especially if you can afford it.

Information is advantage and knowledge is power. Ability and resources to send yourself with your team to corporate training is the best gift you can buy. Well trained staff performs better. Pardon, do I have to tell you what does mean a good team? Everyone already knows that. Invest surplus of income into education, and rewards will multiply. You cannot measure power of information, and in over-competitive market of today, you can compete only with that beside quality.

Too much cash? But real estate.

There is type of people who do not like risk, stock markets and buying unknown products. This doesn’t mean, that they shouldn’t waste their money under the pillow for ages. If you are such a type of person, there can be solution for you, in shape of real estate. Real estate edges other options in terms of stability, vulnerability for aging, and year growth. Hunting down a apartment or office in developing neighborhood can reward with astonishing scale in few years. Like doubling or tripling its value.

Of course you have to know what is worth your money, and what will grow – but this is a matter of getting some experience. Experience which in that case can be greatly rewarding. Especially because you use currently undue money.

Use what you have, do what you can.

Majority of market would like to have some free money to invest around. They are counting every cent to devote it to the investment. Why then you would wait for financial miracle, with your company money unused, and left alone?