Esoteric feeling of greatness and success

Why when you think about big companies, you have feeling of their power and greatness? Why dreams feel so illusory? Do they tend to stop when you realize them? Our mind has to tell us more, than you think.

The feeling of distance between you, and your dreams is only in your mind.

Example? If you think about new Mercedes Benz S Class, and your neighbor bought one recently, do you think that he is so excited every day about it? No. It’s part of his life. It is so usual, that he doesn’t even care about it. What does it have to do with business? A lot. Beginning from way of thinking, that to build a great brand you have to be genius, but you don’t have to. Ordinary people are building great brands for dozens of years, like KFC. It is hackneyed topic, but as simple as it is – one older guy from US build great brand only by going around country, and trying to sell his recipe. Effect you can see in number of their locations.

Corporations are boring, slow and oversized beings.

Anyone who had contact with them will prove, that it is absolutely true. On the outer side you can perceive them as big, powerful and innovative companies, which are hard to conquer. I was there, and I know the truth, that in fact corporation is a slowly learning being, where procedures overwhelm innovation. Their power lies in numbers: of people, customers and bank accounts. That opens doors for much smaller players who can outperform them, by flipping the whole business upside down, like Uber which took big bite of the market, like Tesla which is slowly taking over market of electric cars. Corporations still believe in their methods, because it was working for long time. They were, like Nokia – now it almost doesn’t exist in smartphone market.

Success is only an label attached to what you’ve done.

Success cannot be achieved by itself. You cannot achieve success without something. Look: many people want to be successful without work. When you ask them what do they want to do, they will tell you that they want to be successful, but still do not know how. Such people don’t understand basic thing, that esoteric feeling of greatness is only an emotional state without any shape in real life. It is an reward in your mind and appreciation from society. What does it mean for you, who seeks money and happiness? That being driven only by craving of greatness will bring you down in a short time. Also that fear of being too small to achieve anything is an illusion in mind.

Greatness is not permanent.

How shocking it can sound – greatness and success are not permanent state. You can achieve success and feel good for some time, but after few months or years you will get used to it, because it will start to experience it everyday. That is the point where people start to be lazy, and walk around talking only about what they had done few weeks or months ago. They tend to forget that yesterday’s home runs don’t win today games, and in effect lose all opportunities.

In companies and brands – managers tend to value their position more than pushing forward, what leads to consequent lose of market shares.