False feeling of perspective and better chances

We, humans, have unique ability to percept distant things, places and people as more efficient, beautiful and generally better. Usually when we cannot reach them, and when we can move sense of responsibility on them. How many times in life you’ve did that? 

The grass is always greener on the other side.

The best part of it is that for European people – America is richer with opportunities – at least in their mind – and vice versa. Usually running a business is easier in the nearby, different city, isn’t it? Additionally it is easier in different country, because of the different, more simple regulations, am I right? Wrong. You will never receive only benefits, every time you have to pay for them. Either in form of cash, or sacrificing other benefits. For example:

  • Probably San Francisco is better place for your business, than small city in Spain – let’s check. First of all, entry barriers are lethal to ninety percent of people. Second – people in richer cities demand higher quality of service and products, and the higher quality required, the fewer people can handle it. It leads to market controlled by few companies with strong position.
  • Let’s try other way – maybe place in less rich country in Africa is easier for running any business. First thing that you have to overcome, is very little education of society, and much lower buying force than in American and European countries. What does it mean for your sales? It means that you are not going to sell most of things, which are in richer countries a standard. LCD 60″ TV’s, high end computers and cars with big engines are those types of goods, that would be very hard to sell in European, and American quantities.

If your mind tells you that somewhere is better, check two times.

Sometimes your mind can be right, and can really want to help you with finding better place to make money, but usually it instead of helping you – harms your determination, and fills you with doubt. Often it happens when you start thinking more, than doing. Then it switches into philosopher mode, and instead of delivering new solutions – starts to look for useless excuses, why you cannot do something. If you do not get out of this scheme of thinking, it will get you to a point, when you start doubting your mission. Before accusing current situation and environment of being against you, you rather should check, if you did what you had to do. Your perspective depends a lot on where you sit.

Perspective can be easily changed by work.

Especially work which brings you sense of accomplishment and joy. When people see that their methods work – they automatically change the way of thinking. Because unless you are living in a forest – the environment is perfect to run a business. The only thing that you have to do, is to work and focus on what you want to achieve. Perspective of lack of perspective will vanish immediately, when mind stops to be fooled with thinking about it’s greatness. Dreams and self-esteem raising thoughts are precious, but used too often simply make you lazy. If you have a vision and plan to do your business – do not hesitate with doing it, stop dreaming that somewhere else in the world it will be better, and money will start flowing to you instantly.

Usually the best place to open and run a company is your hometown, and home country – abroad you will always feel like outsider, sooner or later. Knowledge of local market is something for what corporations are paying millions. Why would you like to throw such a treasure away?