What I have learned in three months in US

Sitting in the same place for a couple of years shortens your perspective, and makes blind to a lot of phenomenons. Learn what I have learned in United States in three months, and how it expanded my business point of view.

Europe is not America, and vice versa.

Those two continents look similar to each other. Americans speak English, and are from the same cultural circle as Europeans – but this is the end of what we have in common. While European people are used to treat work as one of the parts of life – Americans value it more. While we – European people – like to work efficiently and make money, Americans treat it as a fulfilling activity in life.

Whole mentality is different – while old continent has a few social features, and offers governmental help, american mentality is rather utilitarian. Best example of such, is lack of sidewalks in smaller American cities. If no one is using them – they simply won’t exist. In Europe sidewalks are even in smallest villages.

You want something = you work.

While people in central, and eastern Europe prefer to think more, than work – in America they simply go and work more. What does it mean for manager or business owner? There is smaller need to motivate people, and encourage them to work, because everyone knows why they work. Back to efficiency, while all over the world people are used to get bored at job and try to kill time, in America you go home. It was something that really was a shock to me at the first time – if there is no work at current moment – you can go home. No one is earning money for nothing, what directly causes lower costs.

There is huge difference in attitude to life, if american guy sees his neighbor’s new car – instead of wondering how it is possible – he will work more, and get motivated with a scheme that “if he could, I can also”. They believe in hard work.

If you can do business, you can do it anywhere.

To be honest – if you are capable of handling business operations in your country – you will be able to do it anywhere. Changing country of residence will not give you magical skills, nor promotion in business structures. What I’ve learned in those few months is, that real businessman can make money anywhere. Everyone who says that his country is poor place for making money – is simply looking for excuse. Hard work can solve most of problems, especially those associated with poorly performing company.

Chances on both continents are equal.

US is a country where life is easier, and this is a fact. There are fewer regulations and requirements from government for business owners (compared to European Union). But Europe gives you free tools to grow your business, there is governmental system of financing young brands, and competition usually is weaker – Europe has less corporations per inch on the market. Plus European customers are more eco/bio demanding, what gives you many niche markets. In effect the chances are the same, it only is a matter of choosing between free donations, or fewer regulations.

US is as diverse as Europe, every state is different.

The only thing that makes States less differentiated than Europe is one common language – English. Beside that, every state is different. Florida is different that Louisiana in such way, as Germany and France. And it is almost the same distance. It creates direct opportunities if you want to sell your product, because if sales are low in Colorado, your product may perform well in Pennsylvania. Same situation happens in Europe, if sales are poor in Spain, maybe you can try Poland.

And most of all, once again I’ve learned that acting is more important than talking.