Optimization, set yourself and your mind free

Be honest, how many times you’ve been doing something while feeling that is a way around? The plan was incorrect, or the number of steps required to finish it? Maybe it was rather lack of optimization?

Overload of procedures harms effectiveness.

When you have to do something what takes bigger effort than five minutes it usually requires a plan. While you prepare a plan, you usually do not think about it’s effectiveness as a first thing, what directly leads to plan which contains too much steps compared to the value of final effect. Caring too much about the process causes phenomenon of including steps, which give a type of backup fuse – for example performing double check. Of course, it is useful to perform a quality control, but double control after every step simply harms effectiveness. At certain point it becomes more expensive to control the process, than to throw out final product which was made incorrectly. This is an unacceptable thing in your company, if you want to rule the market.

Eliminate unnecessary steps.

Look at your plan from other side. Do not look at it with a thought, that you have to optimize it – because it will change nothing. Remove every step and check what you have to include to get the final product. If something is not required to get the final effect – eliminate it. For example: if you are a company which manufactures Hi-Fi speakers – think what you need to get the final column. Probably it requires making a box for the speakers, mounting them to the box and painting whole thing. So why would you force your workers to paint the whole thing two times? Or check three times if the glue is holding properly? If it is in one piece, proceed with next steps. There are small chances that you made something wrong, if the plan was good. Until you manufacture for the top-notch segment, you do not need deep quality checks, because it will ruin your profit. It is better to think before while planning, than after.

Set your mind free. Optimization.

Everything starts in your mind, so unless you are eager to get rid of things which waste your, and your company time – you will not achieve real effects. When you realize that optimization can lead to great cuts of costs, and unloading of task-lists – you will be capable of transforming world around on every step. Getting rid of useless steps sets your life free, and gives more time to think about new ideas. Also it makes you more effective and in effect motivated, because of more achievements in shorter time.

Feeling of unimportance at certain moment.

How many times you have felt that you are doing unimportant, useless job? That probably was the moment, when you got entrapped into empty processes, like double checks. What you have to think to order double checks? If you have to check after one, already done check – what is the point of it? Imagine that you are your own employee who has to do such things, which make him feel this way – what do you think, what will happen to his productivity after a longer period of time? He will be working two times longer, for two times smaller effect. That is why you should think two times before including something in your plan. The shortest way is usually the best one.