Harmony – attitude towards people around

One of most important aspects of dealing with anyone or being in charge of company is right attitude towards people who you encounter every day. Attitude which gives you visible improvement in contact with co-workers. Look at small things to see one big image.

People feel what you think more, than you think.

Your every move means something – especially subconscious signals which body sends to people around while in certain state of mind. This directly translates to phenomenon when co-workers and clients around feel your attitude towards them more, than you actually showed it. They feel if you don’t like them, even if you don’t say it. They feel that you want them to leave the room, even if you never mentioned it. They feel that something is wrong, when you choose certain path of thinking about them. And the best part about it is that almost no one is going to tell you that, because he is either scared to do this, or doesn’t know why he receives negative energy from you.

It steers your team’s productivity.

When you show that your team is really precious to you, and you believe it – they feel appreciated. They feel that they have someone on who they can rely. Then people want to come back to work, they love what they do – and this is called good atmosphere. If people feel like important elements of team, they do more even if no one requires it from them. That gives usually 15-20% raise in effect without any additional cost, and they are even happy to help you.

Reverse situation happens when you value material assets over people, and treat them as numbers which can be replaced in seconds. You may think that they will concentrate on work – they certainly will for the first three, four days. Then going back to workplace stops to be a passion and goal in life. It starts to be everyday fight with barely important things. It starts to be a mental load which limits creativity and productivity. And the more someone sees that supervisor doesn’t care about his existence – they more he starts to believe he means nothing. What do you can expect from someone who feels like nothing? Nothing. Productivity and effectiveness drops. Instead of getting free effect, you lose effectiveness.

Keep your customer happy, let him feel home.

Today I was sitting in cozy cafe in United States. There was no fancy lights, no Bentleys at parking near entrance, no famous logo on door. It was fabulous to sit there. You know why? Because atmosphere was like at home. You enter the place and feel that someone who sells you coffee cares about your needs. You feel that someone is enthusiastic about making coffee. You feel that you are welcome in this place. This makes you nice to the staff. And this makes the staff more nice to next customer. It happens over and over until the process reaches maximum. You get the idea? The more welcoming you staff is, the more happy the customer is. And to make your staff more welcoming – you have to treat them as your team of individuals. Individuals who mean a lot for you, and you care about everyone of them.

Harmony lies in right attitude.

The most effective way to get up every morning and do what you do is harmony. You have to live in harmony between what you think, and what you do. If you keep pretending that you love your team, and your body language shows them that door are on the left – they will feel distorted psychologically. Because of this it is very recommended to make a revision of your main views on people, and start to look at them as important elements instead of tossing them around. The reserve of force is important, however – if you use it every two seconds, what is your mind doing then?