Keep your ego on a leash. Overestimating

Anywhere: in work, in life, in business – ego, self-confidence and knowledge of your value are powerful tools to achieve anything. However, sometimes people tend to fall into whirl of thoughts about their greatness. Quit such scheme of thinking as quick as possible to maintain efficiency.

Self-confidence and self-esteem are pillars.

Basically to achieve anything. Confidence opens door and breaks any barriers, self-esteem protects from attacks on your authority. If someone questions your idea – you do not care much. If you feel fear about doing step forward – self-confidence comes in. Those are healthy examples of those virtues. Healthy means that they help you in everyday life, and give you ability to achieve more. You want to work on your self-confidence and self-esteem which compose a thing called ego, because you want to achieve more. While you can be born with those, you can also develop them by systematical taking risk and moving forward. However, as with everything – too big ego can hurt your efficiency and in fact decrease your abilities.

Too big self-esteem and ego are saboteurs.

Because if you start to think about your greatness for 24/7, you also start to see basic things like unimportant stuff for losers. You start to see your clients like empty objects, and lose interest in interacting with them. Your mind stops to be innovative, it starts to praise it’s ideas too much, and you start to believe in things that could never work or have sense. This is the beginning of your detachment from the reality, and in effect it is losing whole efficiency and energy to push forward. Too big self-confidence can, and will push you in dangerous situations. And as one wise guy said:

“There is thin line between courage, and stupidity.”

Line which humans mind starts to cross when it has too much faith  in his abilities. Like buying more merchandise that you can sell, like dealing with people without contracts, like throwing all financial resources onto the stock market. No one is invincible, and business will remind you about this in very severe way. The same applies to self-esteem – ego – thinking of yourself too big can bail you out in seconds. Thinking that you are the best without any proof will make you look hilarious, thinking that you can achieve anything, while you do nothing will make you poor. And even if doesn’t hurt directly the one who thinks that way – it will hurt people around in company.

The more smart you are, the more dangerous it is.

Someone who doesn’t think about himself like he is the smartest in the room, will rarely experience disadvantages of his ego. Constant prosperity can turn into trouble later in tough times. Mind which is used to win in ninety percent of challenges will never accept series of losses without pain. And the more you win – the tighter leash you should keep on your ego, because at certain level it can eat you as a person. Why it is more dangerous to smarter people? They tend to think too much. While someone thinking process is like: do this, do that, do this, do that – he doesn’t have space in his mind to think how to do it better, or how good he did it last time. And while it is very healthy to improve yourself every day, work on yourself on day after another – you always have to keep in mind that the better you are, the more danger you pose to yourself mentally, and the best way to control it is to remember that there is such a phenomenon.

Once you realize that your ego is too big, cut it off.

As soon as possible, the earlier, the better. There is no other way around than to cut it in the middle, and continue to do what you’ve been doing. Simple methods, big effects.