Genuine authority – sell anything

An composition of all your traits of character and skills creates an unique social mixture – genuine authority. The best ones in business have something magical in them, did you feel that? Such a sleek look, way of speaking and great impact on people around. What is this? How to achieve it?

Authority and charisma traits

This hypnotising feeling is simply authority and charisma. Whole set of interpersonal skills mixed with sense of good moment. Only people who show their real face can be seen as genuine, and this is not some propaganda like ‘be yourself, do whatever you want’ – because this kind of attitude is getting back to childhood. It is rather speaking your mind in chilled and focused manner, with little care about someone’s irrational attacks. Such a man in business can sell a whole lot more, than typical Smith.

Great first impression

From the first second. It begins with appropriate dress. Then way of movement. Ends with first contact, and way of speaking. Sounds familiar from self-help industry? In fact it is. But with major improvements. Suit have never been the best way of going to your customers. The best way is to dress a little bit better than your customer, and not put him in position of feeling as outcast. It happens when he is in shorts, and you in black tie suit.

Laser like focus

Articulate your intentions straightforward. You do not have time in your life to wait for miracle, it will never happen. Do not talk about weather, be quick and effective. Never prove anything to anyone, you have a mission and you care about it.

Competence and independence

Showing your strength on first meeting shows your lack of strength. Basically opening your all cards to strangers shows you are weak. Independence is authority.

Mystery around

Keep secrets secret. Easy? In business your

  • suppliers
  • methods
  • procedures
  • product data

are secret. If you reveal them to anyone around – you can be sure that they will find way to your competition in the most strange, and quick method you have ever seen. If you keep those information secret – basically no one knows how to bite you and take part of your business. This is what fascinates people and brings them to your company. In effects makes authority of someone who has things, that no one else has. This way you build mystery around yourself, and this is that simple.

It has to be backed up

Beginning from experience, through action, to social proof. Even the best speaker without his supporting crowd will be seen as a heretic or poseur. Such a man cannot be vulnerable to any kind of attack on his authority. He cannot be seen as someone who only can speak instead of acting. And most important – cannot fail when his team needs him. Social proof shows that you do not want to mess with someone like this. And not even in matter of personal life, but rather in business. Social proof gives to your customers subconscious warranty that you did this before. That you are suitable for such task.

Final composition

Is lethal to competition – it erases them in seconds. No one has chances with someone who mastered art of social behavior, even if he has smaller resources. People can’t oppose such people and subconsciously crave more contact from them. If you have to compete with such a man – it will be good for you if you get at least at his level.