Business is a team game.

You think you can achieve everything in business by yourself? Many tried. Many realized that to achieve anything in business you need team. Team of people who have resources, skills and determination to work. How to build a good team?

Business team needs diversity.

Every situation in life is different, everyone deals with it in different way. Sounds like empty words. In fact – it is. Unless you look at this from the point of view of resolving problems. When someone has different approach to situation than you – he sees different things, opportunities and ways to solve the problem. Those are priceless when you do not have enough time to act. What do you think, what will happen when three identical men approach problem situation? Do you think that they will be able to use others two point of view to find more information about way out?

When someone is different from you by character, attitude or experience – he looks at world in completely different way. At first glance you could think that surrounding yourself with people similar to you would be a brilliant idea – and it would be a great mistake. People who differ from you are more eager to confront you in creative way, to provoke mentally and push you forward.

Different people, different strengths. Better defense.

When everyone is capable of doing different tasks, strength of your team rises. In case of attack from outside – mainly by competition – if the leader is unable to solve the problem, usually other member comes up with a solution. Sometimes departing control from your hands can be useful. That is what happens when your competition performs better in marketing. Leaders of the pack usually are tough and very intelligent creatures with broad knowledge. But only certain experience and creativity of someone who was doing it for long time can save you from being outperformed by competition.

You can’t be the most wise man all the time.

It is simply impossible to know everything. As few hundred ago kings gathered bright man around them, now you have to compose your team of experienced people. In current times the most precious attribute of human is his mind. Invest in people with unusual potential and results will exceed your expectations. You cannot be the best all the time. Do not allow yourself to think that you need absolutely no one in your company. In easter Europe you still can find mindset that the owner is infallible. That is why they are wondering why western companies outperform them.

Never settle for usual, look for uniqueness.

When you meet someone unusual – think about him in category of your potential advisor. Treat your team as advisors – never competition. They can compete with you once a month to push you forward, but they are there for you and with you. When composing team – look for people who do not think in regular categories. Do not look for similar people to you, look for those who are unique. For those who can create, surprise and shorten paths. You need someone who will make your life easier. Rather by intelligence and skills, than direct work of his hands.

Be loyal, demand loyalty.

Remember that your team relies on you, and you rely on it. Help your people in need, and never hesitate to ask for help. As one wise man once said:

Fool is never wrong. Philosopher can. ~ Unknown

Compose team of people who are worth it. If you do not have someone suitable – do not fill empty space with first person from the street. He will only waste your time and resources. Also he can decompose your current team.