Never forget who you are. And why.

At the time of human’s crisis often shows up irrational fear and helplessness that blocks future action. He forgets that he has chosen a certain way and looks for reasons why something can fail. Subconsciously he undermines his own ambitions. Never forget who you are and why you are where you are.

You have chosen the path, hold on to it.

At one point in your life you made the decision. Deciscion that you would be in business – hold on to it. Why do people tend to forget about their strengths, attributes and advantages in crisis situations? Why do we often undermine ourselves and our self-esteem completely without sense? In most cases, this is due to intellectual overload and too much self-requirements. In this way you can effectively lower your self-esteem and at the same time limit your awareness of your own abilities. It is very important that you never forget that you have chosen the right path – the business route – and you are here for a certain reason. Anyone absurdly questioning your authority and competences should bounce off the wall.

“The successful warrior is the average man, with a laser-like focus.” ~ Bruce Lee

Focus on what you do and keep going. When you start to doubt the success of your project, company, team – just keep going. If you start thinking about this topic, you will fall into a “reverie” mode that will just drown you. If you’ve started to assume that your project has a good chance of succeeding, why should you give up in the middle of the project, and not get it right?

In marketing, use the brand’s origin.

Make an attribute and an advantage of it. Are you a manufacturer from France? Great, plug it into a marketing campaign. Your company is a startup from London? Take advantage of the environment of several million people as an advantage of powerful reach. The concept of marketing campaign sounds too powerful? Remember, marketing is starting when you place an ad on a social networking site or on a search engine. You are the only bastion that can defend your business against attacks of competition. Of course, your crew will help you, and good PR with customer support also. However, you are responsible for creating the brand and image of your business. Forgetting about the original features of your brand and likening to other companies in the market will blur your distinctive features. Features that have the potential to attract new customers.

On the other hand – remember what you have to do.

The company is one side of the coin. On the other hand, there is always your psyche and its influence on your decision-making. It is certain that at some point in business you will start to doubt either: it or your role in it. It is also possible that you will start to doubt both: it and your role. In this type of situation you have to go back in your memories and remember why you chose this path. You wanted independence? You have iti n front of you. You wanted to be your boss? You are. You wanted to pursue your vision? You have that possibility. That is why you have to take on the role of your boss and simply put yourself back on your feet. To state of mind in which you will be able to continue your plan without thinking about its purpose. Because the purpose- you have already chosen, and approved.

But above all -push forward.

Too much thinking and inquiring about sense will cause the opposite effect to the intended – you will lose sense of actions. Move to the next point of the plan that you have created. Take the next step forward and do not think too much about the source of motivation, meaning, or the similar. It shows up while you work.